How Content is Rated

Here we will explain how Wetu content is rated in both your Free Listing and your Enhanced Listing iBrochure.

Content Ratings with your Free Listing

Note:  With a Free Listing you can only score up to 50% due to the limited content you can post. To get 50% you need:

  • 6 hi-res, landscape images (see rules of Images in your Content Rating below). 
  • A short 100 word description, in the third person.
  • Contact Details.

How is content rated in my Enhanced Listing?

The more quality content you add to a listing the better the rating. The majority of the ratings go to Images

Wetu's system breaks down the Content Ratings into the following: 

  • Video - 5% 
  • 360's - 5% 
  • Facilities - 5% 
  • Activities - 5%
  • Description - 5%
  • Room Types - 5% 
  • Contact Details - 5% 
  • Images - between 40% - 65%

Note:  If you are a non-accommodation listing, the percentages will change but following the same guidelines will maximise your score.

Images in your Content Rating

To gain full marks for your Images you must have the following:

  • High resolution photos over 2MP (megapixels) and you will be penalised if they are under 2MP. 
  • Do not include portrait images, logos and/or maps in the first 3 images.
  • Majority of images are landscape (less than 25% of all of your images as portrait).
  • Including 18 hi-res images.

Portrait vs Landscape

Megapixels are worked out by how many pixels wide x pixels high your image is, we use this rather than Megabytes as it is a better measure for online images.  When you upload an image just below the thumbnail you will see the Megapixels.  The image below is to small - only 1.6MP image below 

Where can I see my Content Rating?

You can easily find your Content Rating when you log into your account Dashboard

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