Managing Content: Using WetuShare

WetuShare provides you with an easy and private way of sharing your property info directly with your trade partners, in the language you specify. You can also share media and documentation which you have uploaded to your Wetu Enhanced Listing. 

It is possible to control the visibility of documents on your Enhanced Listing, and get reports on who you have sent different documents to. Information is shared confidentially and is only accessible by those whom you have shared it with.

This functionality is available to Enhanced Listings only. These are listings that have an iBrochure and appear under your ‘Enhanced Listing’ section on your dashboard

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Getting Started
What Content Can I Share?
Setting Languages Available to Your Recipient
Setting Documents to Private
Sharing Documents, Information & Media
Receiving Shared Documents, Information & Media
Getting Reports on Shared Information

Getting Started

Navigate to your Dashboard and then scroll down to the Enhanced Listings you manage under Your Content.

What Content Can I Share?

WetuShare enables you to share the following content from your Enhanced Listing:


Any documents (like rack rates, or terms & conditions) that you have uploaded to the Documentation area of your Enhanced Listing's Update Form can be shared using WetuShare. However, you will first need to set any document you want to share to Private. Learn how to do this in the paragraph below.


All the images you have saved to the Update Form for the Enhanced Listing will be available for selection. The image categories include:
  • General - Images set under the Content section
  • Rooms
  • Units
  • Activities
  • Restaurants
  • Sleeping Arrangements
  • Cabins


Any  YouTube and Virtual Tour video you have uploaded to your Enhanced Listing can be shared as links in a Media Document which WetuShare will generate.

Enhanced Listing Information

All your  Enhanced Listing’s information can be shared in text format. WetuShare will create a Word document containing all the Enhanced Listing information to share. The recipient will be able to change the language in which it is downloaded, without you needing to provide the translations. You will need to set which languages are available to your recipient beforehand, in the Update Form.

Setting Languages Available to Your Recipient

Within the Update Form, select the checkbox for each language you want to make available to the receiver when they select to download the Information Document. Save and leave the description boxes for those languages empty - they will be Machine Translated. Add your English description only.
Note: if you add your own translated descriptions (for example you add your own German content to the German description box), we will not override your content in the Information Description document - Your original description for German will display. 

Setting Documents to Private

To share specific documents with individuals, you will need to first set them to Private in the Update Form. Select the Edit button for the Enhanced Listing you would like to add Private documents to.

In the update form for that opens, click on Documentation in the left panel. Click the edit button next to the document you want to make private. Select the Private radio button and click done.

Note: Documents that have been set to Private will not display anywhere else in the Wetu system, to ensure that they are kept private from the public and trade.

Sharing Documents, Information & Media

Once you have set the documents that you want to share to Private and set the languages you want available to your recipient, you are ready to start sharing.

Select the share icon alongside the Enhanced Listing for which you want to share content.

The content sharing window appears:

To e-mail

Fill in the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s). If you are sharing with more than one person, separate the email addresses with a semi-colon e.g.; It is also possible to select existing e-mail addresses by clicking in the dropdown field.

From e-mail

The available e-mail addresses to send from are the e-mail address you have saved in Company Details and the e-mail address associated with the user you are logged in as. Click the dropdown arrow to select which e-mail address you want to send from.

Property Information

If you want to include your Enhanced Listing's information as a Word Document, tick the box alongside Property Information.

Media Document

If you want to include links to your YouTube and Virtual Tour videos, tick the box alongside 'Video and 360 links'

View Images

Select which images you want to share from your Enhanced Listing using the check boxes. You can include an entire category of images (e.g. all room images) by ticking the checkbox next to the category name.

Add Private Documents

Indicate which of the documents you set as Private you would like to share with your recipient using the checkboxes.


Add a personalised message to your recipient in the message field. This will appear in the body of the e-mail they receive. 

Once complete, click send email or to cancel click not now

Receiving Shared Documents, Information & Media

If someone shares Enhanced Listing information with you, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox like the one shown below

Click view files. You will need to accept the terms & conditions and the privacy policy in order to view the files sent to you.

You can then select which of the files sent to you, you would like to download. You can also indicate what image quality you would like to download, and what language you would like to download the Listing's information in. Then click download.

The information will be downloaded as a zipped folder to your PC's file manager. Open the zipped folder to view the any images and private files. Enhanced Listing's information will appear a as Word document in the language you indicated.

Getting Reports on Shared Information

After successfully sending your Enhanced Listing's content, you are able to view a report that will indicate:
  • Which users in your account sent content
  • Who it was sent to
  • If an email was selected from your saved Identities, the To and ID columns will be populated. 
  • If an email was added, that was not a saved Identity, the To and ID columns will be blank. 
  • The Listing’s name
  • Number of times anything has been downloaded
  • The date the email was sent

To obtain reports, navigate to the Admin Panel from your Dashboard, and then click on the Reports tab

Within the Reports tab you can see a list of the email addresses you've shared content with, which Enhanced Listing's info you sent, on what date, and the number of times the recipient has downloaded.

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