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The Update Function allows you to update an itinerary you have already linked to a Wetu Itinerary. This document will help you understand how the Update Function and its various options work. 

This functionality is only available to Digital Enterprise Clients. 

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Service Lines
Free Text Fields

How to use the Update function

The update function is used when you are updating an existing digital itinerary.  Simply resend your booking from your operating system, open the connect screen, search and find your booking and select "update". By selecting update you will be updating all services within your existing booking with any updated services being pushed through from your operating system.

Note: Please contact your Internal team member who is responsible for your Wetu account to find out how your update option is set up.

Service Lines

The Update function will update any service lines you have removed or added from your Booking System by replacing them with the updated services. 

Free Text Fields options

You can choose to either "Ignore, Overwrite, or Append" all free text fields within your booking. 

Ignore Free Text Fields
Selecting "Ignore" will ignore any updated notes being pushed through for that booking. All existing free text fields will remain unchanged. 

Overwrite Free Text Fields
Selecting "Overwrite" will remove any existing free-text fields and replace it with the updated note being pushed through from your operating system.

Append Free Text Fields
Selecting "Append" will add the updated note to the current note within a free text field with the heading This note has been appended to the existing note to separate them. You will manually need to go through the free text fields to ensure the note fields are displaying correctly. 

Note: Please request that your internal admin user would need to contact to make changes to your Free text field options
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