Customising your Style Sheet (CSS)

Customising your Style Sheet means that you can change the look of your Digital Itinerary to help it stand out.

Note:  If this is your first time with CSS then you will need to contact your web developer.  

In this article: 

What can CSS do?
Examples of CSS changes in the Digital Itinerary

What can CSS do?

A Cascading Style Sheet can change font, colour and other simple options that will give you more freedom for the look and feel of your Digital Itinerary

If you are unsure of how to do this you can contact your web developer who should be able to customise your theme for you.  This job should be done in a time period of 3 hours to a day depending on the customisation and the scope of your developer. 

You will also need to contact Wetu to allow customisation. Once Wetu has activated it on your account, you will see be below Style Customisation appear:

Examples of CSS changes in the Digital Itinerary

Below you can see the differences between a Theme with CSS and without.

Landing Page example:

Note: The different text options.  On the left is without CSS and on the right is with CSS.

Digital Itinerary example:

If you are interested in learning more about changing your Theme click here.  

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