Adding Content: COVID-19 Documents

The COVID-19 Notice feature allows you to upload all your compliance documents to your listing. You will be able to indicate how your establishment is COVID-19 compliant in order for all guests and visitors to your iBrochure to view and download your compliance documents.

Adding your COVID-19 documents will allow all Wetu Operators to view and download them while they build their itineraries.

This feature is available to Basic and Enhanced Listings

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Getting Started 
Your iBrochure
Catalogue Manager

Getting Started

Navigate to your Dashboard and scroll down to Your Content where you manage your listing(s).

Setting up COVID-19 Documents

You are able to upload your documents in the following way;

  1. Navigate to your Update Form and select the Documents menu option
  2. Upload your documents under the section “COVID-19 Notice”
  3. Click on “done”
  4. Scroll down and save your changes
Note: This process can be done for both Basic & Enhanced Listings

Example of a Basic Listing

Example of an Enhanced Listing (iBrochure)

Your iBrochure

Once you have successfully uploaded and saved your documents to your Update Form, navigate to your iBrochure to check your new changes.

Notice Banner

When you enter your iBrochure, you will see a COVID-19 Notice banner displayed at the top of the Overview page. This will inform all visitors to your iBrochure that you have COVID-19 documents available. The banner will include a Learn More link. This link will take visitors directly to the Documents section of your iBrochure.

To remove the banner from the iBrochure, simply click on the “x” on the far-right and the banner will no longer be displayed.
Note: Each time you upload a new document, the banner will reappear to indicate this

Documents section

To view the documents, navigate to the About Us section and select Documents where you will find the COVID-19 Notice section. All the documents saved to your Update Form will now be available to view & download.

Catalogue Manager

While searching for listings when you are building your Catalogue, you will automatically be able to see whether the iBrochures you’re adding have COVID-19 documents.

Searching for iBrochures
If the iBrochure that you are searching for in the Catalogue Manager has COVID-19 documents added to their Update Form, a COVID-19 icon will be appended to the name of the iBrochure.

iBrochure Chapter

Once the iBrochures you have searched for and selected have been included to your Catalogue Chapter, you will notice a green clickable COVID-19 icon next to the name of the iBrochure. This will indicate that the iBrochure has COVID-19 documents uploaded to the Update Form.
Note: The COVID-19 icon will not display for iBrochures that do not have COVID-19 documents uploaded to their Update Form

Downloading the COVID-19 Document

To download the COVID-19 documents, simply click on the COVID-19 icon of the iBrochure you’ve selected where a window will pop-up allowing you to either download the documents or close the window.

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