DNS solution (Custom Domain)

The Wetu custom DNS solution allows you to use the Wetu outputs, but instead of having a wetu.com URL you can make it look like it comes from your website domain / URL.

Note: a custom DNS is only available on the Wetu Enterprise Package

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Working with DNS
Examples of DNS

Working with DNS

To change your DNS you will need to contact your domain host to set up a unique subdomain. Once this is done you need to inform Wetu to activate it. 

The process is as follows:

Step 1: Create distinct domains

You have the ability to customise the domain of your Itineraries, iBrochures and Digital Catalogues. You can create distinct domains for each Wetu tool (e.g. itinerary.yourname.com and ibrochure.yourname.com) or a common domain for all of them like digital.yourname.com

Step 2: Enable DNS

Enable these and add CNAME DNS record(s) pointing to  custom.wetu.com.

Step 3: Notify Wetu

Lastly, notify us of the subdomains you have chosen and how you would like it to be set up so that we can configure your operator account in Wetu correctly.
NOTE: This can take up to 72 hours to activate on the Wetu side after you have advised us. 

For your Agents:

It is also possible to set up a single custom domain for your Agent and link it to their identity. When their branding is applied to an itinerary, the custom domain will apply accordingly.  The same process as above applies. 

Examples of DNS

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