Banner and Landing Page in your Customised Theme

The Banner and Landing Page in your customised Theme can help your client's visualise their itinerary. Here you will learn how to create a custom Banner and Landing Page to further indivdualise your offerings.

 If you are unsure of how Themes work, go to the Creating Themes helpdoc before you begin with your Banner and Landing Page, by clicking here

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Custom Banner
Custom Landing Page

Custom Banner

Your custom Banner is displayed at the top of your Digital Itinerary

Understanding how your custom photo reacts with the Digital Itinerary:

The image you choose will automatically react to different screen sizes.  The centre of the photo will hold firm while the edges will be cut off as the screen gets smaller.  This means you want to be sure your most relevant parts of the image are in the centre of your larger photo, this could be additional branding, the face of an animal or the focus of a landscape image.

Ideal Banner ratio: 6:1 (i.e. 3000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high) 

If you do not have an image that is the ideal  Banner ratio, your image can be any high resolution image you like; a view, animals or your branding.  The system will select the centre of the photo automatically.

Your Logo and Consultant Info boxes:

Be sure to take into account the affect screen size has on the  Logo and Consultant Info boxes on your Banner.  From the image below you can see how the zebra head has shrunk fractionally on the smaller screen but remains in the middle and the major change affects the Banner edges.  The Itinerary name has also wrapped on the smaller screen.  

Note: If you want to be sure an additional Logo is featured on the Banner image, be sure to place it closer to the centre of the image.

Custom Landing Page

The Landing Page image can be any high resolution image that inspires the viewer and sells the itinerary.  These images are also dynamically cropped from the centre like explained in the Banner section above. 

You'll need to select this image taking into account how it will react on different screen sizes.  

Ideal Landing Page ratio: 2:1 or 3000 pixels wide and 1500 pixels high.  

Note: The resolution of the Jpeg image should be larger than 1mb. 

From the images below you can see how the much smaller screen shrinks the image only fractionally but the small Wetu logo remains in the middle of the page and the edges are cropped.  The Itinerary name has also wrapped on the smaller screen.

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