Loading Different Format Videos to your iBrochure

The Update Form has been updated to enable Suppliers to upload different video formats. This article will guide you through the process of adding multiple native videos to your listing for display on your iBrochure where your trade partners can download them, or you can distribute them via WetuShare. 
This functionality is available for iBrochures only

In this article

In this article

Getting Started 
How to add a video
How and where will videos display on your iBrochure?
How to share uploaded videos with WetuShare?

Getting Started

The Update Form has changed: in the Content menu, the YouTube section has been renamed ‘Videos’.

How to add a Video

1. Click ‘Add New Video’

2. Select ‘Videos’ and click ‘Open’

3. Once the video has uploaded, you can add the Label, Description and Videographer Credit.

4. Click ‘Save’ to save the video.

Note: Multiple videos can be uploaded and saved at once

How and where will videos display on your iBrochure?

Your uploaded videos will display under 'Videos' in the 'Gallery' section of your iBrochure. You will be able to view your uploaded native videos first; the YouTube videos will display next.

Videos can be downloaded from the iBrochure in the same way that images are downloaded.

How to share uploaded videos with WetuShare?

1. Select ‘WetuShare’ in your Dashboard

2. If Videos & Virtual Tours are selected, then all your uploaded videos will be available for sharing.

3. If a certain video is selected for sharing, you can add them in the View Videos modal.

4. The receiver can download the attached video as seen in the screenshot below:

Note: The uploaded videos functionality is currently not available on the TravelKey App.

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