Suppliers: How do I manage my Facebook App

Wetu allows you add all of your amazing product content directly onto your Facebook Page. Updates on your listing or iBrochure will directly filter through to Facebook and ensure that all your visitors have up-to-date information and images at the click of a button!

The Facebook app is available for all products listed on Wetu, free or Enhanced Listing. 

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Getting Started

First-thing-first, make sure you are an Admin of the Facebook page you are wanting to add your product/s to and you need to have the product/s connect to your Wetu account. 

Log into your Facebook page and then in a separate tab, log into Wetu as you must be logged into both at the same time.  

Adding your product to Facebook from the Wetu Dashboard

From your Dashboard click on the 'Add to Facebook' button.

Choose which page you'd like the Facebook application to feature, from the drop-down menu, and click on the blue 'Add Page Tab ' button. 

Note: If you click 'Cancel', you will return to Wetu.

Once you have clicked on the 'Add Page Tab', you will be automatically taken to your Wetu Facebook App. Your Facebook page will now open on a tab called “More info/ Book Now”. You will see that your content and images have already been pulled from your Wetu listing and will be displayed. 

Note: if you see a white screen saying the page needs to be configured rather than your iBrochure details, please contact to assist you

Adding a Digital Catalogue to Facebook

From your Dashboard click on the 'Catalogue Manager' button.

Select the catalogue that you would like to add to your Facebook page. On the far right of the page, click on 'Add to Facebook' button. 

Then you can follow the steps as outlined above as the principles from here are the same.  

Note: you can only add a Digital Catalogue with iBrochures, not itineraries. Itineraries will automatically be removed once added to Facebook. 

Customising the name of the tab

“More info/Book” may not be the tab name you want to use. You can customise it by clicking on the 'Settings':

Once your Settings menu opens, click on the 'Edit Page' option and scroll down to the tab saying "More Info / Book Now" or "Our Brochure". 

Click on the 'Settings' button next to the option you want to edit, and more options will expand open. On that expanded menu, click on the 'Edit Settings' option and a new menu will pop up that allows you to enter the preferred name:

Removing the Facebook App

If you have installed the Facebook App, and you would like to remove it then click on 'Settings' on your Facebook Page. 

Once your Settings menu opens, click on the 'Edit Page' option and scroll down to the tab saying "More Info / Book Now" or "Our Brochure" and click on the 'Settings' button. On the menu that opens up, simply slide the option from ON to OFF and save.  

The page will then refresh and the Wetu App will no longer be on your Page. 

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