Dolphin: What's included in your Dolphin/Wetu Integration

This document will help you understand what information pulls through from your system through to Wetu, using your Dolphin Integration. 

This functionality is only available to Digital Enterprise clients with an existing Dolphin account

In this article

Itinerary Details
Travel Details

Itinerary Details

  • Itinerary Name (Dolphin booking ID)
  • Reference Number (Dolphin booking ID)
  • Number of Travellers (Pax count)
  • Travellers Details (Pax names)


  • Start and End Travel Dates
  • Accommodations (Supplier name and description)
  • Meal Basis (Mapped to Wetu meal basis)
  • Number of Nights (per accommodation)
  • Check-In Date (per accommodation) 
  • Reference (Supplier folder reference number) 

Travel Details

  • All Travel Services
  • Travel Company Name
  • Date of Travel Service
  • Start and End Location (Pickup location and drop off location)
  • Times Of Travel (Pick up time and drop off time)
  • Reference (Supplier folder reference number) 

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