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Wetu's new version of our app, TravelKey, makes it possible for your travellers to access their Wetu Digital itinerary (including attached documents) and any required travel documentation from their mobile device. TravelKey is convenient for those who want instant access to all their travel details while on the go. 

The Mobile Code that is needed to give clients access to itineraries on TravelKey is only available on the Enterprise Package.

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Getting the Mobile Code

When you build a Personal Itinerary in the Wetu Itinerary Builder, one of the automatic outputs is a 6-character Mobile Code. This Mobile Code will not generate if your Personal Itinerary does not have dates. 

Note: The Mobile Code is not automatically included in any other outputs. You need to specifically supply it to your client to provide access to their itinerary on TravelKey. 

Downloading & Updating the App


You can download the TravelKey App by scanning the QR code below for either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 


Keep up to date with the latest updates and bug fixes, by ensuring you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. 

You can update your app within the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching for the TravelKey App and selecting the 'Update' button. Alternatively, you can scan either of the QR codes below to check for updates. 

Google Play Store Apple App Store

Logging in

TravelKey will open on a login page. The booking agent is the only one able to provide the mobile code to the traveller. Enter the mobile code for the relevant itinerary and select 'Log in'. 

The Personal Itinerary will then download and open on the Overview Page. 

The first time you open the itinerary on the app, it may take a little longer to open, while it downloads all of the information. This is dependent on your Mobile/Wi-Fi signal strength.

The Home Screen

Entering the itinerary will take you to the Home Page. From here you are able to access your Introduction or select the various Day Cards to access your daily itinerary details. 

The navigation bar has a shortcut to contact details as well as a menu to open all the details regarding the trip.

Daily Information

The Day Cards will have the same groupings as the Digital Itinerary. Each section will show all events as well as links to further information including booking references, contact details, and client-specific information.

Selecting the Location Icon will prompt a pop-up to select your preferred map app if you have more than one on your phone.  This will default for the current itinerary open. 

The Location Icon will divert you to either a point on the map or will auto-fill the start and end locations for a route.

Map apps currently supported via the app: Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze Maps. 

Note: The route is chosen by the selected map app and is not pre-populated in Wetu. 

Custom directions that have been loaded in Wetu or on the itinerary can be viewed by opening the Menu, selecting Directions and selecting the relevant route. 

Each Day Card with an individual day at a stationary accommodation will display the current weather conditions for that destination. This will update on a daily basis when connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

At the bottom right of the screen is the  Menu Option.

Home: Home Screen with the Introduction and Day Cards, containing Daily Information

Overview: Overview Page which opens after logging in

Destinations: Destination Cards containing information on all destinations linked to accommodations or added in the day planner

Country Information: Country Cards show the country descriptions as well as all of the information sections like Currency, Climate and Transport

Transport: All travel arrangements will display here and include references, contact details, times etc. For Transfers and Self Drives, selecting the card will open the full details of the trip with a start and end location. By selecting that map, that location will open on your preferred map app. By selecting the Locations Icon, the route will open on your preferred map app with the start and end locations predefined. 

Directions: All written directions for self-drive routes will display. This will display Customised Routes as well as the Google routes preselected in the itinerary builder. 

Documents: All Documents uploaded to the Itinerary will be available here. The documents are only available with Internet access. It is suggested to download the documents prior to travel to ensure you have access. 

Contacts:  All contact details for the trip will display here. The top information will be of the agent who booked the trip, followed by any contact details manually added to the itinerary. Below will be a list of all service providers or locations with available contact details and location pins.

TravelKey Options

The options are available at the bottom of The Menu. 

Change Itinerary: Navigate back to the login page to add a new Mobile Code and open a new itinerary

Refresh Itinerary: Should any changes be made to the itinerary, refresh the itinerary for them to display on TravelKey

Dark Mode: Toggle to activate Dark Mode

Share your Trip: Share your itinerary with friends and family. Your default sharing options will display. This will share the Digital Version of your trip for viewing on a mobile or PC. 

Offline Functionality 

TravelKey has been designed to have basic functionality while not connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi. You will need to be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi when opening the itinerary for the first time, this will download the itinerary and it will then be available offline. 

Important to note:

  • Any updates made to the itinerary after that will not reflect until the traveller re-connects to mobile data or Wi-Fi and refreshes the itinerary again
  • When you select 'Change Itinerary' to load a new itinerary, the first itinerary will no longer be available. Please make sure you you have the original mobile code on-hand before confirming to logout of the existing itinerary. 
  • Documents are not available for download when offline. They need to be downloaded while on mobile data or Wi-Fi in order to be available when offline

TravelKey in Different Languages

TravelKey is available in the same language as the Digital Itinerary. Should you wish to change the language, this needs to be done by the agent in the itinerary builder. Once you have updated the language in the Itinerary Builder, refresh the itinerary in TravelKey. The framework will translate into the desired language.

Note: Any custom text you have added to the itinerary (like day notes, or expert tips) will not be translated. Instead, you will need to add translations for these yourself in the Itinerary Builder, and then refresh the itinerary in TravelKey.
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