Setup and managing the account for DMC, Tour Operators and Agent Clients

Here we will explain all the steps and tips to setting up and keeping your Wetu account managed.

In this article:

Setting up your Wetu account
Managing your Wetu account
Loading your Identities and Logos

Setting up your Wetu account

First you will need to make sure you are registered with Wetu.   If you have not yet registered please head over to our  Register for a Free Trial Wetu HelpDoc..  

Once you have registered for a Free Trial and then have set up your account with Wetu, you can begin managing your account. 

Managing your Wetu account

You can easily reach your account from your Wetu Dashboard.

  • Managing Admin - An Admin account is the manager of all your other Wetu accounts that your company has.  The Admin account is where the bulk of your details, customisation and user information is stored.   

Note: Only 1 or 2 people should control your Admin account.

  • Managing a User account -  A User account allows access to edit, create and review your custom itineraries, iBrochures, product content and catalogues.

Loading Identities and Logos

  • Brand Identity - A brand Identity refers to a brand(s) that you work with on a regular basis. Loading a brand Identity is not the same as loading your own logo.  To learn more about how to load your brand Identity click here
  • Adding a Logo - Adding a Logo to your Digital Itinerary allows clients to visually and quickly connect your brand with your itinerary.  This will be your brand's logo displayed on your itineraries when you send them to clients. 

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