Building itineraries

Building a successful itinerary is key when selling your offerings.  In this hub we will give you all of the tools you will need to help you build your itinerary successfully.

In this article:

Registering with Wetu
Building an itinerary
Adding more detail to your itinerary
Review and Notifications
Customise your itinerary
Sharing your itinerary

Registering with Wetu

Then you will need to Register for a Free Trial. 

Once you have done this you can continue with building your itinerary. 

Building an itinerary 

To learn more about how to build your itinerary take a look at our  Building an itinerary in Wetu HelpDoc..  In this HelpDoc we will explain how to access your Dashboard and detail each section of your itinerary step-by-step. 

Note: If you have never used Wetu before begin with the above link: Building an itinerary.  After you have completed your first basic itinerary continue on below where you will learn how to customise and detail your itinerary further.

Adding more detail to your itinerary 

  • Components - A component is an existing itinerary (or part of an itinerary) that can be added whilst using your Itinerary Builder.  Components are useful when you are using the same activities for day or multi day itineraries for different clients.   
  • Editing Routes - Wetu will supply your itinerary with the most direct and common route.  If you'd like to change that route to allow your clients to see certain points of interest you can edit your route manually. 
  • Selecting a Theme for your itinerary - This section will show you where you can select a Theme for your itinerary in the Virtual Itinerary Builder.   If you want to learn how to create your own Theme you can click here
  • How to add Flights and Transfers - This section will help you learn how to add Flights and Transfers to your client's itinerary. 
  • Building a customised driving route when one does not exist - If the Wetu maps are not adding an automatic route you have the ability to manually insert your own route to direct your clients.
  • Using the Map Manager - The Map Manager is a tool that allows you to add individualised locations to your itinerary.  If you suggest your client has a guided walk in the Maasai Mara the Map Manager will allow you to add these specific points of interest to your Itinerary and these points will display on the itinerary outputs.

Review and Notifications

  • How to use the Review Page - The Review Tab allows you to go over all the work you've done in each of the previous tabs. Here you can see all of your client's previously entered information and update it as you need to. 
  • Email notifications - Email notifications can be switched on and off for your convenience.  They will be sent to the email associated with your account.

Customising your itinerary content

To understand more about customising your itinerary read our  Why customise your itinerary Wetu HelpDoc..

Note: Wetu is designed for you to share your itinerary without adding your own custom content.  If you are unsure of how to add custom content you can still continue to the next section, Sharing your itinerary. 

After learning more about the benefits of customising your itinerary head over to our  Customising content Wetu HelpDoc. for more options. 

Sharing your itinerary

Once you have created your itinerary you can: 

  • Send the Digital Itinerary 
  • Share your Virtual Itinerary 
  • Share and create your Paper Itinerary

These can be found in the Additional Details Page of the Virtual Itinerary Builder, as seen below: 

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