Customising your Itinerary & Content

Aside from changing Logos Wetu has the ability for you to customise your itinerary to suit your brand's needs. This Tutorial has links and explanations on how to customise the look and feel of your itinerary and some of the content.

To understand more about customising your itinerary read our  Why customise your itinerary Wetu HelpDoc..

Customising your Itinerary & Content

After learning more about the benefits of customising your itinerary you can move on to more specific tasks: 

  • Creating Themes for your personal brand Themes are used to customise the look and feel of your Digital Itinerary.  Themes will display pictures and options chosen by you, so you can easily customise how each itinerary displays to your client.
  • Customising your Style Sheet - For advanced Wetu users only.  CSS will allow you to change certain aspects of the look and feel of the Digital Itinerary so that it will look more like your website or your client's website. You may need to contact your web developer for this option. 
  • DNS solution - The custom DNS solution allows you to use the Wetu outputs ( iBrochures, Itineraries & Digital Catalogue) but instead of having a URL you can made it look like it comes from your website domain / URL.  This is for an advanced user and may require the help of a web developer. 
  • Customising your Suppliers content - This option allows users to override the Wetu text and insert their own descriptions. 
  • Adding customised images - For advanced Wetu users only.  This option allows advanced users to override the Wetu Destination images by inserting their own images. 

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