Adding additional Languages to Wetu

Wetu has the ability to produce your Itinerary outputs in multiple languages.  Wetu has translated our Templates so that the framework of the itinerary will automatically translate into the language you have selected.

To add a French translation, which will show when you select to build an Itinerary in French.  From your Dashboard go to Admin / Suppliers and then click on Customise Description.  Select the French Tab and add your French into the box and SAVE.  You are also able to translate the name of the Supplier (1) and if they have deeper levels of content you can translate that (2). Remeber to SAVE before moving onto the next Supplier.

You can also select an Option to not show untranslated fields

For Destination translations follow the same process under Admin / Destinations.

Once you have translated your Suppliers and Destinations you are able to build a French Itinerary. To select French as the Itinerary language click on the Language Field on Page 1 (Itinerary Details) of the Itinerary Builder and select French. 

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