FAQ - Itinerary Building

How to build a Wetu Itinerary

The Wetu Itinerary Builder is a powerful tool which enables you to build an itinerary using the Wetu aggregated content and produces both Digital and Printable outputs.


Managing your Admin in Wetu

Admin is where you can control User Profiles, add Agent Identities, edit Content, add Translations, add Contacts and set Options.


How to build Components

Components are powerful in that they save you time.  They can be for a standard arrival at a specific airport, a day out like the Cape Winelands or 3 days at Vic Falls.


How to add additional Travel Information

Aside from drawing a line on the map you are able to add travel details, Reference Numbers etc, to all types of travel in the Itinerary Builder.


Copying an Existing Itinerary

You can copy an existing itinerary to reuse it or just part of it by deleting the parts you no longer need.  You can also copy from Sample to Personal and vice versa.


Customising Supplier Content

You are able to customise the descriptions of any point in Wetu.  Your description will show in all your itinerary outputs and is not available to anyone else.


How to Use the Review Page

The Review page of the Itinerary Builder is where you can update all the information of an itinerary as it firms up, Reference Numbers, Flight Details, Car Hire, etc.


How to Edit a Route

Wetu uses Google Maps to do its routing and you might not like the route it returns (N2 rather than Route 62), just like in Google you can drag and drop the route on the Map in Wetu.


Producing your Printable Itinerary

Aside from Digital outputs the Wetu Itinerary builder produces a Word Doc printable Itinerary.


Travel Vouchers

The Wetu Itinerary Builder produces Travel Vouchers, this article shows you the ins and outs.

Accessing Travel Vouchers

Wetu's Pricing Spreadsheet

The Wetu Itinerary Builder can export the details of your itinerary to an excel sheet so that you can work out the costing of the itinerary you are building.


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