FAQ - Itinerary Building 2

Copying and Transferring Itineraries

A great feature of the Wetu Itinerary Builder is the ability to copy old itineraries or copy an Itinerary from a Sample to a Personal and vice versa.  This enables you to use old itineraries to save time when producing new ones.  You can also Copy between your and your colleagues Profiles and and indeed Transfer one of your colleague's itineraries so that you can take it over.

Copying and Transferring Itineraries

Day Rooms on Wetu

If you wish to add a Day Room to your itinerary this article will show you how.

Adding a Day Room

Re-Branding your Wetu Itinerary

All the Wetu outputs are white label and thus re-brandable.  When Building an Itinerary you can get to select the branding you wish it to have, yours or an agent's of yours.

Re-branding an Itinerary

Opened Itinerary Notifications

When an email is opened by a client, or someone the client has forwarded the email to you will receive a notification.  You are bale to switch these on or off.

Email Notification

No Route to a Destination

Some camps are so remote that no Google roads exist and hence the Route Builder is unable to draw a line to the camp.  This article explains how you can add your own route. 

When no Route automatic shows up in the Route Builder

Non-English Itineraries

The Wetu Itinerary Builder possesses the ability to produce Itineraries in most European languages, find out how in this article.

How to add Additional Languages

Overnight Travel at the Beginning and End of an Itinerary

For some companies itineraries start in the country of origin and for these you might need to add Overnight Travel.  You are able to add one or two days of Overnight Travel.

Adding Overnight Travel

Adding Overnight Travel with flights split over two days

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