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  • Accommodation: How do I add a Motorhome Accommodation

    In this article, you will be taken through the process of adding a Motorhome to your itinerary. This functionality is available on all Operator Packages In this article Getting Started Adding the

  • Themes: How to manage my Themes

    The Theme functionality is an essential tool in customising your Itinerary output and making them your own style and design. This document will help you with the basics of working with Themes.  Themes

  • Options: Setting Print Defaults and Controlling Customisation

    Wetu offers two style templates for printable outputs, Classic and Contemporary. These style templates are applicable to Printable Itineraries, Print Summaries, and Printable Vouchers.The style

  • Additional Details: How Does the Print Summary Work?

    The Printable Summary differs from the Printable Itinerary in that it is more concise and only includes the key information from full itinerary. The Printable Summary is handy for clients to take

  • Additional Details: How do I create Vouchers

    Vouchers can be created in Wetu for any of the supplier services, like activities, transport, and accommodation, which you have included in your itinerary. Vouchers provide the supplier's contact

  • Technical: DNS solution (Custom Domain)

    The Wetu custom DNS solution allows you to change the URL on your links. Instead of your links starting with, you can change it to any sub-domain you prefer and apply this to your itineraries

  • Embedding with iFrames

    While there are many options to embed an itinerary into a website, this document looks over the use of iFrames. It is always best to have a general idea of the processes, however, this document is

  • Accommodation: How to Load a Hike or Trek

    In this article, we will be exploring how you can go about creating comprehensive hiking expeditions and how you will be able to ensure that the routing is complete. This functionality is available

  • Themes: Creating Themes

    The Theme functionality is an essential tool in customising your Itinerary output and making them your own style and design. Here we will teach you how to customise the layout of your Digital Itinerar

  • Themes: Classic Template Settings

    Various options exist within the Theme Customiser under Classic Template Settings which enable you to customise the layout of your Digital Itineraries. This functionality is only available on the

  • Route Builder: How do I build a driving route when one does not exist

    The routing in Wetu is based on mapping infrastructure from Google and there are times when the Route Builder cannot automatically create a route for a transport or self-drive leg. You have the abilit

  • Suppliers: How do I Add Documents, Details and Directions

    In this article we will look at pre adding Directions for properties, uploading Documents and where they are displayed as well as looking at the Details option and what effect that has on your

  • Register for Small Group Training

    13 October 2021- How to: showcase your tours with Wetu catalogues Learn how to showcase and market your tour products using digital catalogues and racks in Wetu. We will show you how to create travel

  • Options: How to Manage Languages in Wetu

    In the Admin Panel, you can select the languages that you and your team would like to be able to use when building Itineraries. This functionality is available for all Operator Packages. Note: Only

  • Using my iBrochure: Distributing your iBrochure

    Wetu is designed to help you distribute your content effectively, and, although there is organic distribution within Wetu, you get the best results from your Enhanced Listing with proactive

  • Components: What is a Component

    When creating itineraries for clients, there will always be certain activities or sections that are the same for each and every client. For this reason, we created Components, allowing you to pre-buil

  • Browser: How Do I Copy an Itinerary

    The copy functions make it possible to quickly replicate an Itinerary, or convert an existing Personal Itinerary into a Sample Itinerary or a Component. The Copy function is available all on Packages

  • iBrochure Search: What is the Embed Option

    In this article, we will guide you on how to utilize the iBrochure Embed function which will allow you to add both the Enhanced and Free Listing properties to your website. This functionality is

  • Additional Details: Email Notifications

    Wetu's view notification function allows you to track the itinerary views on all the itineraries you build and send out to clients. If Viewing Notifications is set to always, first view only, or

  • Create Digital Catalogues

    The purpose of your content is to inspire travellers. You can expand your reach & effectively leverage your product content using a Digital Catalogue. Imagine one premium link to distribute all your

  • Catalogue Manager: How do I add a Catalogue to Facebook?

    This article explains how to add both Sample Itinerary and iBrochure Catalogues directly to your Facebook page. Any updates to your Catalogues will filter through to Facebook automatically and this

  • Marketing your product Catalogue on Facebook

    Market & distribute multiple iBrochures to a pool of clients & agents on Facebook by adding your product content to your Facebook profile via our free App. This functionality is available for

  • Removing the Wetu Facebook App from your page

    Stay in control of how your Wetu content is exposed on social media by choosing when to display it on your Facebook page & when to hide it. Watch this & learn how: This functionality is available for

  • Loading Virtual Tours & Videos

    This #WetuWebinar guides you through the process of loading YouTube videos & 360° virtual tours. You'll learn how easy it is to share & keep your iBrochure current, up-to-date & packed with engaging

  • Rebranding your iBrochure & Catalogue

    This #WetuWebinar covers the re-branding of product content with agent logos & contact details. It will help you service your agents better & enable them to promote your product to even bigger

  • Planner: How to Add a Day Component

    Components can be built in your account and inserted into itineraries to make the process of sending a quote, quick and efficient. A Day Component contains activities, destination information, daily n

  • Rearranging pics & videos in your Update Form

    It's important to refresh & organise your content regularly - based on your target audience & what's new with your product. Rearrange your pictures & videos efficiently to create the desired output.

  • Unlocking your iBrochure - May 2020

    This #WetuWebinar covers the ways to showcase your best product content on an iBrochure. We'll show you how to host photos, videos, virtual tours, maps, activity info & descriptions in this stunning

  • Rebranding your iBrochures

    Your iBrochure is your primary marketing tool - you can share the love with your trade partners. Re-brand your product content with agent logos & contact details, enabling them to promote your

  • WetuShare: your direct-to-trade file sharing solution

    This functionality is designed to save you time and make it easier to share important info and content directly with your trade partners. In this webinar, we will explain how to use your WetuShare

  • How to: Effectively Market your Tours

    Learn how to use your collateral built in Wetu to enhance the marketing of your tours. We will show you how to use your digital itineraries and Wetu content, along with a few other tricks, to market

  • Creating Identities

    Make it easier for agents & trade partners to re-sell your products. Create profiles for them in your account with their logos & contact details, so that they can re-brand your product content &

  • Distributing your iBrochure & Catalogue

    This #WetuWebinar is all about getting your iBrochure & Digital Catalogues out into the market where they can show the trade & travellers what you have to offer. Learn how quickly & efficiently you

  • Creating hyperlinks in your emails

    You want to include links to your content in the body of an email, but those URL links are often long & bulky. It's best to keep it short & sweet - creating hyperlinks & hiding them behind select

  • Adding your own images to showcase your perspective

    This is your opportunity to refresh your product content for the properties you sell. Take the time to rearrange your supplier images, hide the ones you don't like & add new pics to better showcase

  • Accommodation: How do I add an Accommodation

    This document explains the features available in the Accommodation Step of the Itinerary Builder. It includes information on how to set Room Configurations and the accommodation Basis, how to provide

  • Themes: Advanced Template Style Settings

    The Theme functionality is an essential tool in customising your Itinerary output and making them your own style and design.This section takes the Template Styles to a whole new level, allowing you to

  • Catalogue Manager: How to use and Distribute a Catalogue

    Wetu is designed to help you distribute your content effectively, and, although there is organic distribution within Wetu, you get the best results from your Catalogue with proactive distribution. Thi

  • Managing Your User Account on Wetu

    Here you will learn more about what your User account allows you to access. In this article: Your user Dashboard User Details Your User Dashboard Your User Dashboard is where you can edit, create and

  • Itinerary API (V8)

    Overview The Wetu Itinerary API allows you to integrate Wetu Itineraries into your software or website. The API supports both loading existing itineraries as well as creating or updating Itineraries

  • Planner: How do I Add an Activity

    Below we will take you through the process of how to add the activities that will create memorable experiences for your clients. Adding activities correctly can ensure that your clients receive

  • Request a new entry in Wetu

    When requesting a new entry be loaded into Wetu, the more details you can provide us with, the quicker we will be able to load the entry into the system.  Before sending your request, please double ch

  • Admin: How to create and use Meet & Greet

    The Meet and Greet option will allow you to add in the details of the person or company who will be meeting your clients at their point of arrival. This document will show you how you can easily add i

  • Documentation: How do I add Company Documentation

    Company Documentation allows you to attach documentation to your account that is used on a regular basis so that it can easily be accessible for consultants to use in their Itineraries. Company

  • Options: General Settings and Miscellaneous

    The Options tab allows you to make changes as an Admin user as well as set your settings to a default of your choice. This functionality is available to all Operators who have Admin access In this

  • Loading Different Format Videos to your iBrochure

    The Update Form has been updated to enable Suppliers to upload different video formats. This article will guide you through the process of adding multiple native videos to your listing for display on

  • Itinerary API (V7)

    Overview The Wetu Itinerary API allows you to integrate Wetu Itineraries into your software or website. The API supports both loading existing itineraries as well as creating or updating Itineraries

  • How to create a Hyperlink

    Here you will learn how to create a hyperlink and why it is useful when sending out your itineraries, iBrochures and product content from Wetu. This functionality is not Wetu based, the steps are depe

  • How do I Embed Itineraries Into My Website

    Embedding allows you to display your Wetu content on your site. This document will provide some insight as to how you can go about it or point you in the direction someone who might be able to assist

  • Publishable Tours: How to Build a Multiple Day Tour

    The Day Tour Builder is one of the main features of Wetu, allowing you to create content-rich and interactive tours within Wetu. The Day Tour Builder is where you will create, edit and manage your