Itinerary Browser: How to Post an Itinerary or Component

Posting enables you to send an Itinerary or Component to External Companies which also have a Wetu account. If your Tour Operator or Agent is also using Wetu, they can easily post you their section of the Itinerary and you can add the rest of the trip information for your Client. The Itinerary will be added to your account and none of your changes you make will reflect on the Tour Operators' original copy.

Note the difference between Post and Transfer. Use the Post function to share Itineraries externally, between Consultants with different Wetu accounts. Use the Transfer function to move Itineraries between Consultants within the same Wetu account. For more information on how to Transfer an Itinerary, refer to the article How to Transfer Itineraries and Components.

This functionality is only available on the Digital Enterprise, Virtual Enterprise and Day Tour Packages

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Posting an Itinerary or Component 
Receiving an Itinerary or Component

Posting an Itinerary or Component

To Post a Wetu itinerary, open your Itinerary Browser and click on the Itinerary that you would like to Post. An expanded options menu will appear. Select Post.

Note: You can post Personal and Sample Itineraries, Day Tours as well as Components. 

Enter the email address of the person you would like to send the itinerary to and select Yes, Post.

A pop up will appear to confirm that the itinerary has been sent.

Note: If you wish to send an itinerary to someone in the same account as yours, rather use the Transfer function. For more information on how to Transfer an Itinerary, refer to the article How to Transfer Itineraries and Components.

Receiving an Itinerary or Component

If a Wetu Itinerary or Component has been posted to you, you will receive an email notification from Wetu.

Click on the link in the email and you will be prompted to either View the Itinerary, Log in or Register.

As an existing user, you can log in and your Itinerary browser page will open, with the received Itinerary at the top of the list. 

Note: The Itinerary is now in your account as one of your Itineraries and you can edit it as you wish. It is in no way linked to the Itinerary that was Posted to you in the other users' account and any changes that you make will only change on your version of the Itinerary. 
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