Itinerary Browser: How to Transfer Itineraries and Components

Transferring allows you to move Itineraries, Day Tours or Components between consultants within one Wetu Account. This option allows the Itinerary that was made by one consultant in a team to be assigned to another consultant in the same team, automatically reflecting that recipient's contact details.

Note the difference between Transfer and Post. Use the Transfer function to move Itineraries between Consultants within the same Wetu account. Use the Post function to share Itineraries externally, between Consultants with different Wetu accounts.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Getting Started 
Transferring an Itinerary or Component

Getting Started

Navigate to the Itinerary Builder from your Dashboard. You can transfer both Existing Personal and Existing Sample Itineraries, however for this example, we will work with Personal Itineraries.

Transferring an Itinerary or Component

Click on Existing Personal Itineraries. From the drop-down menu in the Consultant column, select the name of the Consultant from who you would like to transfer an Itinerary. This will bring up a list the itineraries that Consultant has created. Select the Itinerary you would like to transfer and click on Transfer.

Note: Transferring another consultant's itinerary to your profile will completely move it from that user profile to yours. Should you wish to have the itinerary in both accounts, rather make a copy of the Itinerary first, and transfer the copy instead. Please refer to the article How do I Copy an Itinerary to learn more.

Clicking on Transfer will prompt the system to ask if you are sure you would like to continue the Transfer. Click Transfer Itinerary to confirm and assign the Itinerary

Once you have successfully transferred the itinerary, it will then be listed in the Itinerary Browser of the Consultant who it has. From there you can edit, and have the itinerary output reflect your contact details.

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