Browser: How Do I Copy an Itinerary

The copy functions make it possible to quickly replicate an Itinerary, or convert an existing Personal Itinerary into a Sample Itinerary or a Component. 

The Copy function is available all on Packages

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Getting Started

From your Dashboard, click on the Itinerary. Existing Itineraries and Existing Components appear on the right. The Copy Function applies to both of these. In this example, we will look at duplicating Existing Itineraries, but the same basic process applies to duplicating Components.

Copy Functions

Under 'Edit Existing Itineraries' click either Personal Itineraries or Sample Itineraries, depending on which itineraries you would like to copy. The Itinerary Browser screen will open with a list of all of the Personal itineraries you have created using Wetu.

Click on the Itinerary you wish to copy. Several copy options appear. Their function and how to use them is described below.

Copy makes an exact duplicate of the Itinerary, including all Details and the Itinerary Name. Only the Itinerary Link and Mobile Code will be different.

If you click on 'Copy', a duplicate of the Itinerary will open. You need to then change the itinerary name of the copy, and click on 'Save & Exit' or 'Quick Save'.

Copy As New 
Copy As New makes a copy of the Itinerary but removes all Client details when making new copies of Personal Itineraries and the original Itinerary Name. Once again, the Itinerary Link and Mobile Code will be different.

When you click on 'Copy as New', a duplicate of the Itinerary will open. You need to then change the itinerary name of the copy, and click on 'Save & Exit' or 'Quick Save'.

Copy As Personal
Copy As Personal turns a Sample Itinerary into a Personal Itinerary allowing you to add dates and client details. This is great if you have created a Sample Itinerary that the client is interested in and would like to customise it for them.

When you click on 'Copy as Personal, a Personal Itinerary version of your Sample Itinerary will open. It will now have fields for you to add Client Details and Dates. To retain the Personal Itinerary you have created, rename the itinerary and click on 'Save & Exit' or 'Quick Save'.

Copy As Sample
Copy As Sample turns a Personal Itinerary into a Sample Itinerary will remove client details such as names and dates. This is useful if you have spent a lot of time on a Personal Itinerary and would like to turn this into an example itinerary that you can put on your website.

When you click on 'Copy as Sample', a Sample Itinerary version of your Personal Itinerary will open. Once you have copied your itinerary the new Sample Itinerary will not contain the following:

  • Itinerary Name
  • Client Contact Details
  • Traveller Details
  • Travel Dates

Copy As Component

Copy As Component turns the Itinerary into a Component, allowing you to then use that information in any Personal or Sample Itinerary. Components are pre-built packages that can be added in the Planner Step of the Itinerary. They are perfect for day itineraries you use often. Using Components saves time when building Itineraries. Read more in the article Components: What is a Component.

To convert a Personal or Sample Itinerary into a Component, click on 'Copy as Component'. The Component will open in the Builder. Give the Component a name by filling in the Itinerary Name field.

Proceeding the the next step will enable you to edit any details relating to the Accommodation, Activities, etc in the Component. Remember to click 'Save & Exit' when you are done.

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