Browser: How do I copy an Itinerary

With the copy functions that are available in Wetu, you are able to quickly replicate an itinerary or turn an existing itinerary into a Personal or Sample itinerary, as well as Component. 

The copy function is available all Packages

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Getting Started

First and foremost, we need to open the Itinerary Builder. All of the existing itineraries are neatly packed away on the right-hand side for you!

In this example, we will have a look at searching through Personal Itineraries, however, the same logic applies to Sample Itineraries as well as Components and Day Tours. 

Note: The above screen may vary depending on what functionality you have enabled on your account

Click on the "Personal Itineraries" button under "Edit Existing Itineraries", the Itinerary Browser will open the list of all of the Personal itineraries you have created during your time using Wetu. 

Copy Functions

On the Itinerary Browser screen, clicking on a listed itinerary opens that itinerary’s expanded options menu, where the various Copy options can be found.

The various Copy options include:

This option makes an exact copy of the itinerary, including all details and the itinerary name. Only the itinerary link and mobile code are different.

Copy As New 
This option makes a copy of the itinerary but removes all client details and the original itinerary name. Itinerary link and mobile code are different to the original.

Copy As Personal
Turns a Sample Itinerary into a Personal Itinerary allowing you to add dates and client details. This is great if you have created a Sample Itinerary that the client is interested in and would like to customise it for them; this function makes that possible and very quick. 

Copy As Sample
Turns a Person Itinerary into a Sample Itinerary removes client details such as names and dates. This is useful if you have spent a lot of time on a Personal Itinerary and would like to turn this into an example that you can put on your website. 

Copy As Component
This turns the itinerary into a Component, allowing you to then use that information in any new or existing itinerary. 

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