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When creating itineraries for clients, there will always be certain activities or sections that are the same for each and every client. For this reason, we created Components, allowing you to pre-build these sections of itineraries and simply add them to each itinerary you go to. Components are also a fantastic way to pre-build any cruise routes, mobile accommodations or complex itinerary sections you use often.

 This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Types of Components 
Examples of Day Components
Examples of Multiple Day Components

Types Of Components 

When looking at Components, we are able to create either Day Components or Multiple Day Components. The main difference between the two is that with Multiple Day Components we are able to add Accommodation and multiple nights, however, with Day Components we can only add activities for one day.

Examples of Day Components

Day Components can be incredibly useful and make quoting your clients a whole lot simpler. Here are some example situations where you can use them:

Recommended Activities and Restaurants
When clients visit specific towns and areas, most of the time you will recommend similar or the same Activities and Restaurants for them. Whether they are your all-time favourites or those that ensure quality, we all have our preferences. Add all of these into a component and simply insert the component into the itineraries in those areas. 

Optional Activities
When clients visit certain areas, you may not necessarily want to prebook all of their activities and tours before they depart. If you create a component with all of the activities and attractions in the area and mark them as optional, the component can be pulled into all of your future itineraries for this area. 

Specific Day Itineraries
If your client is heading off on a popular scheduled tour that is not loaded in our system, you can build that itinerary as a component, add in all the points of interest and places to visit, add notes with includes and excludes and save it all as one component. When you need to add this day itinerary into an itinerary, all of the services and notes will be easily available for you to use. 

Example of Multiple Day Component

Multiple Day Components are great in many different situations. Let's break it down a bit:

Accommodation Often Quoted
If you quote the same hotel often, with the same or very similar activities, then a component will work fantastically for you. Build your component with your favourite hotel and the recommended activities and simply pull it in each time. 

Cruises, Mobile Accommodations and Trains
With most of our mobile accommodations, you are required to build custom routing between different stops and points along the trip. If you build these as components, you don't have to rebuild the routing each and every time you want to quote the option. 

Supplier Packages
Certain supplier offer value-add packages when booking a certain amount of nights. If these include anything other than the accommodation, a great idea is to create a component with all of the relevant inclusions, notes and activities. This will then be easily available for your consultants to add them into a quote, without having to look up any information or rebuild the package for each client. 

Your Own Packages or Special Deals
You may have example packages or specials that you add to your website giving clients ideas of trips to inspire the adventurer within them. When a client enquires, you want to customise and make changes to the 'standard' example. If you create these as components, they can be easily added into itineraries for clients where you can extend the trip or customize it to their needs. 

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