Suppliers: Managing Classifications

Managing Classifications allows you to personalise the classifications that your company gives to their suppliers. The various classifications ensure that you accurately share consultant insight across your company. 

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Getting Started

Getting Started

Before you are able to make use of the classifications across the platform, they need to be set up according to your company rules and ideas. This is done in the Supplier Tab of the Admin Section. Select 'Manage Classifications'. 

A pop-up window with the various options will appear with some system defaults to help guide you. 


Here you can create your internal rating structure so it can be assigned to your various properties. If you do not have an internal structure, you could always make use of the Industry Standard Rating. 

Rating Name 
We have added default ratings of Standard, Comfort, First Class, Luxury and Premier. You can edit these ratings according to your company as well as add more in the block labelled 'enter a rating'. once you begin Typing, another blank block will appear, allowing you to add as many ratings as required. 

By Default, no badge is loaded onto the system and the message  Not Uploaded is displayed. Select the green arrow next to the relevant rating to upload a badge for the rating. The red X will delete the badge. 

Note: If no images are uploaded, the rating will not display in the Itinerary Builder or in the Consultant Portal. 

Once the ratings are edited and the badges uploaded, your screen will look as follows:


Further to the ratings, you are able to create classifications in the forms of flags, tags and experiences. 

For marking an item with a critical or urgent note

Attach a label to an item to clarify how you use/sell it

Attach a label to an item that describes unique characteristics  

Once these have been created, you are able to tag the accommodations you use in the Administration Tab. 

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