Suppliers: Selecting an Accommodation Destination

Here you will learn how to select your preferred destination for a specific accommodation. This will ensure that your client receives the correct information in the destination section of their itinerary.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Setting Default Destinations in Admin
Setting Destinations in the Itinerary Builder

Setting Default Destinations in Admin

From your Wetu Dashboard, click on 'Admin'.

In  Admin click on your 'Suppliers Tab'You will see that each Supplier has a destination associated with it. To see the existing destinations associated with that particular Supplier, click on 'change'. 

Note: Functionality on your Dashboard and Suppliers tab may vary depending on the package that you are on.

A pop up will show the list of Preferred Destinations available to select from, with the current Wetu default Destination already selected.

You can then choose one of the other Destinations from the drop-down list and click 'Save'. The Destination you have now selected will be the Destination that pulls through for that Supplier by default every time you include that Supplier in an itinerary. Selecting 'Default' will set the Destination back to the Wetu default for that Supplier. 

If you have selected a Destination that is not the same as the Wetu default, a green tick will appear. Once you set an accommodation back to the Wetu default, the green tick will disappear. 

Selecting Destinations in the Itinerary Builder

In the Itinerary Builder, on the Accommodation Step, below your selected accommodation will be a drop-down menu where you can select your Destination for this specific Itinerary only. 

This will display the information of the chosen destination in the output of the Destinations tab of the Itinerary Builder. 

Digital Output

Virtual Output

Note: If you select the country as the preferred destination, it will still display the country description in the Information tab, unless you click the 'Travel Information Page' off in your Themes

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