Working with iBrochures

Sometimes it is easier to send details of individual hotels, rather than creating multiple itineraries for a client. If they are not sure what they are looking for, their budget or if they just want an alternative, creating multiple itineraries can be time-consuming.

Wetu gives you the option to send out iBrochure for all of our Enhanced Listings. Here are the steps on how you can apply this getting this great tool!

Firstly log into your account and your dashboard will open. On your Dashboard click on the iBrochure Search section:

Once you hit the button a new screen will appear, listing all of the Enhanced Listings we have within Wetu. This screen gives you a couple of options to work with

Quick Search, allows you to search for a property by name. Once you have found your property, the embed option is for the IT Genius’ that would like to add the iBrochures to their websites.

When Clicking on the name of the property the iBrochure will pop up in a new screen.

Click on Enter iBrochure to check all of the details and make sure the contact details are correct. As this was generated in your account, it will have your contact details displayed. Click here to find out how to rebrand an iBrochure.

The URL at the top of the screen is the URL you need to send to the clients! If you are rebranding, make sure that you copy the link generated AFTER rebranding the page.

iBrochures can also be added to catalouges, allowing you to send multiple links at a time. Find the help guide here.

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