Browser: How do I search for an Itinerary

Once your itineraries have been created, they can be found in the Itinerary Browser. The search and filter functions allow you to easily find the itinerary you are looking for, like ‚Äúthat one amazing honeymoon" you sold 2 years ago. 

The Itinerary Browser and its search functionality is available on all packages, however, the filters will be different per package for Personal and Sample Itineraries as well as Components and Day Tours.

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Getting started

Open the Itinerary Builder. All of the existing itineraries are neatly packed away on the right-hand side for you!

In this example, we will have a look at searching through Existing Personal Itineraries, however, the same process applies to Sample Itineraries as well as Existing Components and Existing Day Tours.

Note: The above screen may vary depending on what functionality you have enabled on your account

Click on Personal Itineraries button under Edit Existing Itineraries. This will open the list of all of the Personal Itineraries you have created using Wetu. 

Searching using the table headings

The Itinerary Details step is where you will input your client's basic itinerary details. The details you can input will vary depending on the account type you have. The Itinerary Builder is designed to allow you to build itineraries quickly so the only mandatory field is Itinerary Name. The remaining details can be entered as and when you know them.

Some columns in the  Itinerary Browser are searchable:

  1. Itinerary: search by itinerary name
  2. Client: search by client name
  3. Language: search by itinerary language
  4. Ref no: search by itinerary reference number

    * 1 - 4 are all details that are completed in Step 1: Itinerary Details in the Itinerary Builder. 
  5. Start Date, Nights and Modified: here you are able to order the itineraries by clicking on the header of the column. For example, if you click on Modified it will order the list from oldest to the newest or the newest to the oldest.
  6. Branding: If you changed the branding of your itinerary you will be able to search by the identity you used.
  7. Consultant: When the Itinerary Browser loads, it will always show just your itineraries. However, if you would like to access itineraries of other consultants in your account, you can do that by changing All to a specific consultant's name.
  8. Status: In this section, you are able to set the status of the booking and then search by those statuses. Keep track of all the confirmed or pending bookings you have.

Search using the Filter

You can filter your itineraries by accommodation, destination, number of nights, or tags. 

Search by the accommodation you have used in the itinerary. Click on the Filter button and type the Accommodation name in the field below Accommodation. Click on the Accommodation you want to filter by. As you enter and select accommodation/s, the list of itineraries will filter down to only show you itineraries that include the accommodation/s you entered. You can search by more than one accommodation to get even better results. 

Destination and country:
Filter by Country and Destination to find previously created itineraries in those areas.

Number of nights:
Search your previous itineraries with the number of nights you are looking for

Tags and Labels:
Here you can filter using the tags and labels that you have assigned your itineraries. Refer to the article Browser: How do I use Tags and Labels for more info on how to assign tags and labels. 

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