Accommodation: How do I add Accommodation on a Train

Accommodation on a train can be added to either a Sample or a Personal Itinerary. Like other types of accommodation, it is  added in the Accommodation Step of the Itinerary Builder.

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Getting Started

From the Itinerary Builder, open the Itinerary which you want to add Train Accommodation to. Navigate to Step 2 Accommodation.

Adding Train Accommodation

In the Accommodation Step, navigate to the point in your list of Accommodations where you want to add the Train Accommodation. Select the blue + icon and then select Accommodation. This will open a new input box for you to add your Train Accommodation.

In the Select a Hotel textbox, type the name of the train which you want add to your itinerary. When it appears in the dropdown menu, click on it to add it to your itinerary.

Once you add the train, a Mobile Component Browser will appear. If the train provider has pre-loaded their routes, you will be able to select the route from the browser. Select the route that you need and it will be added into your itinerary.

Note: The number of nights will automatically update based on the route you have selected.

Adding Stops

When planning a train trip you are able to update all the stops the train will have along the way. This can be done by searching for each stop in the 'select a stop' input field.

Once you have added the stops, you can set up the additional details for each of the stops:

Selecting a destination from the provided list will ensure that that destinations images and description will appear on your Itineraries.

Arrive ( Day )
This will be the day the train will arrive at that particular stop ( Day 1, Day 2 etc )

Depart ( Day )
This will be the day the train will depart from that particular stop.

Note: The Arrive Day and Depart Day cannot exceed the overall number of nights you have set for the train trip. Add the stops along the way in this section, and the departure and arrival points can be added in the route builder.

Adding Train Routes

Train Routing, for both Train Travel and Train Accommodation, is set up in the Route Builder Step of the Itinerary Builder. Where a route has not been pre-loaded, you can create a custom route based on the train's itinerary. In some cases, Google Train Routing can be used. 

Refer to the article Route Builder: Train Routes for information on setting up train routing.

Where to view your Train trip on the Digital Itinerary

Where you view your Train trip on the Virtual Itinerary

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