Themes: How to manage my Themes

The Theme functionality is an essential tool in customising your Itinerary output and making them your own style and design. This document will help you with the basics of working with Themes. 

Themes are available only to Digital Lite and Digital Enterprise clients

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Important notices
What Themes do I create for my package?
How to Copy Themes

Getting Started

Your Themes are used to customise the look and feel of your Itinerary. Themes will display pictures, layout styles and template settings chosen by you so that you can customise how each itinerary displays to your clients. 

Themes are created in your Admin section if the Dashboard (learn more about Admin here). You can create as many Themes as you wish, for example, Beach Theme, Honeymoon Theme, Themes per Destination, etc. Then you can apply these Themes to an itinerary to affect the output. 

Once in Admin, locate your Themes tab to get started. 

Note: If you do not have access to Admin on your Dashboard, you will have to ask someone in your team with Admin on their account to create or edit a Theme for you. 

Important notices

Styling my own Itinerary
When you enter the Theme Customiser, we will automatically load a default itinerary that is populated with most details available in an itinerary. If you would prefer to see what the Theme options would look like on an itinerary you have created, you have the option to do this by selecting "Style My Own Itinerary" and pasting a link to a Digital Itinerary. 

When adding in your Itinerary link, you will need to remember that it will need to be applicable to the Theme you are creating. This would mean that a Day Tour Itinerary link will need to be added when styling a Day Tour Theme, a Virtual Itinerary link will need to be added when styling a Map Theme and a Digital Itinerary link will need to be added when styling a Classic Theme

Once you are happy with your Theme, save it. Navigate to the Itinerary Builder and apply the Theme for it to take effect on your outputs. 

What does the Reset button do? 
Reset All

If you are busy with one of your existing Themes, the Reset All button is not as daunting as it looks and it will not erase everything you have ever done, it will only take you back to the last time you pressed Save. Unless you have started a completely new Theme from scratch and have not yet saved, then only will Reset All take you back to the original settings. 

What Themes do I create for my package?

For the different packages that Wetu offers, there are different types of Themes that you can create for these packages. Our packages include Digital, Day Tour and Virtual outputs.

Digital packages
Digital packages consist of Digital Lite and Digital Enterprise. The Themes that you would create for these two packages would be Classic applied to the mini website view and Map applied to the map based view. You can either create a new Theme or edit the Default one by clicking on Manage

Day Tour Packages
Day Tour Builder clients who have access to solely building Day Tours or Digital Enterprise clients who also make use of the Day Tour Builder will be able to build Themes for the outputs that they create. This will be the first option that you will see under the Themes tab in Admin. You can either create a new Theme or edit the Default one by clicking on Manage

Virtual Packages
Virtual packages consist of Virtual Lite and Virtual Enterprise. Themes are not available on the virtual packages. Refer to this document to see the features available on each package.

How to Copy Themes

Do you have a really awesome Theme that you would like make some minor changes for another Itinerary? No problem at all. The Copy functionality will allow you to do so. All you would have to do is click on the  Copy button for the Theme you would like to duplicate and voila! 

 Once you have done this, your Theme will open with "Copy of - " before the name of the Theme you have copied, allowing you to leave the original as is. 

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