Managing an Admin Account

Having Admin access to your Wetu account means that your Dashboard will have the added functionality of managing the bulk of your details, customisation - of content and brand - user information and much more. This document will explain all the functions of your Admin tab.  

This functionality is available to all Operators who have Admin access

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Who should have an Admin Account
Locating your Admin tab
Manage Users
Loading Identities
Managing Company Details
Suppliers tab: Customising Supplier Content
Destinations tab: Customising Destination Content
Contacts and Services
Creating and Managing Themes (Digital clients only) 

Who should have an Admin Account

Only one or two select individuals should control the Admin account for your company.  The person who has the most knowledge about your business and the goals you'd like to achieve with Wetu should be the Admin of the account.  This person will have the access to change ‘User’ profiles, manage your ‘Company Details’ as well as manage the text of your ‘Suppliers’ and ‘Destinations’.

Locating your Admin Tab

From your Wetu dashboard click on Admin, your first Tab from the top. Once open, you will see a list of Users. The Users Tab will show you the details of all of the current users on your account, including when they last logged in as well as if they have Admin access or not. 

Edit / Manage Users 

To manage a User Profile, choose which user you would like to edit and select 'Edit' . Users themselves are able to edit all their own information and reset their password. 

Note: Only Wetu can change the 'Username' but you can edit all the other fields and change your password once logged in with the initial Password given.  

Change the password by clicking on 'Change Password'.   A window will pop up for you to enter in a new password. Once done, select 'Change Password' to save the new password. 

Loading Identities

Identities refer to partner companies (e.g. Agents or Operators) you work with to sell your itineraries. This is where you add their branding so that you can re-brand your Itineraries with their logo and contact details. Once you create the  Identity you can brand your Itineraries accordingly.  

Managing Company Details

Just like you filled out the Identity Details in the section above, you will fill out your Company Details.  Add all relevant information and your company logo, then click the 'Update' icon when finished.

Suppliers: Customising your Supplier Content

Your Suppliers are the properties and activities you feature on your Itineraries and work with on a regular basis. In the 'Suppliers' Tab, you can edit the Wetu  Descriptions and Images to fit your company's own style. This is also where you add the text for different languages if you produce Itineraries in different languages. 

Destinations: Customising your Destination Content

Your 'Destinations' tab will be filtered according to your Suppliers tab and will allow you to  customise the Images and Descriptions of the Destinations and Countries that you use for your Itineraries. 

Note: The Images and Descriptions that you Customise in your Wetu account will only reflect on the Itineraries that you send out. It will not affect anyone else's content.  

Contacts and Services

This is where you can pre-load the service providers that you make use of quite regularly for your itineraries. These include services such as transfers, flights, meet & greet and car hire companies.

Themes (Digital Itineraries users only)

The  Themes functionality is used to customise the look and feel of your itineraries to make them stand out and/or fit the branding of your company. Create your own style and design and apply them to your itineraries for your clients to see them.  


This tab allows you to store all the documents you would need for all of your Itineraries. Once documents have been added to this tab, it will allow all users in the account to have access to these and add them to their Itineraries as well. This will avoid having to look for documents stored on your computer and elsewhere and have it all neatly in one location for everyone to use.

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