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Day excursions are a big part of every tour and as travellers, it is always comforting to know how we are getting from one point to the next. In this document, you will be guided through the process of adding day routes to your itinerary so that your clients know how they will be getting around during the day when not travelling between hotels.

This functionality is available in all Operator Packages

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Adding Stops that are Not Activities
How to View the Day Route in your Itinerary
Video Tutorial: How to Build Day Routes in Your Client Itinerary

How to Add a Day Route

To add a day route to your itinerary you will need to be in the Planner Step of the Itinerary Builder.

Next, select ‘Add Day Route’ on the bottom right-hand side. This will open the Day Route Builder.

Note: You can only add a day route when your accommodation is grouped as Day by Day or the individual days on the  Mixed Day function. Grouping By Destination will not give you the option to add day routes.
Note: In order to load a day route you need to have added the activities you need to your itinerary already.

How to Build a Day Route

The first thing you will notice on the Day Route Builder is that it automatically adds in the hotel/s applicable for this day. The hotel is greyed out and cannot be changed here. 

To start building the route, click on the 'Select and Activity' drop-down list. Select the first activity your clients will be stopping at. follow the same steps to add the rest of the days' activities in the order they will be travelling. 

Then select the 'Mode of the transport'. Here you will follow the same process as what you would do in the Route Builder section of the itinerary by selecting the mode from the list provided in the drop-down menu. 

Adding Stops that are Not Activities

Sometimes the routing will go via a harbour or a mountain pass that you would like to specify to your client. These can be added by adding additional stops along the way by clickiing on the blue 'plus' icon on the left-hand side in the Day Route Builder. Here you are able to add any points available in Wetu that are not loaded as an activity for that day.

How to View the Day Route in your Itinerary

In the itinerary, you will need to go to Additional Details and select 'Preview' to view the itinerary.

In the itinerary, you will need to click on ‘Map’ this will give you an overview of the routing for the entire trip. By clicking on 'Day by Day', you will be able to see each individual days routing including the day routing that has been added.

Note: If you are signed up for the Virtual Lite of Virtual Enterprise Packages, your itinerary will automatically open the map view and there will be no tabbed menu to navigate through. 

Video Tutorial: How to Build Day Routes in Your Client Itinerary

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