Accommodation: How do I Add a Multi-Day Component

Components are a great way to pre-build pieces of travel that can be added to Itineraries when needed. Once you have built your Multi-Day Component you can go on and add it to your Itinerary when necessary. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Getting Started
Adding Your Multi-Day Component
How to search for a Multi-Day Component 
Making changes to the Multi-Day Component
Video Tutorial: Adding Components to Your Itineraries

Getting Started

To add your pre-built Multi-Day Component you will need to be in the Accommodation Step of your Itinerary Builder.

Adding Your Multi-Day Component

In the Accommodation Step, select the '+' icon and then ‘Add Component’ to add your Multi-Day Component. 

How to Search for a Multi-Day Component

Within the Multi-Day Component browser, you will be able to search using a few different methods:

Component Name 
In the 'Search' field you are able to search for the Multi-Day Components by name directly, should you know the name of the component.

Here you can select any Multi-Day Components you have created in a specific language by clicking on the 'Language' drop-down menu and selecting the language the Component was created in.  

By selecting a specific user from the Consultant drop-down menu, you can view Components that have been created by a specific user. 

Making changes to the Multi-Day Component

Once you have selected the Multi-Day Component that you would like to add, select 'Add Component' and a routing pop-up will appear. This will allow you to select where on your Itinerary you would like the start and endpoints to reflect as this will impact your Route Builder. 

Once you have chosen how you would like your Component to pull through, select 'Add Component'. Now that the Component has been added you are able to rearrange the order of travel or delete certain aspects of the tour should it not be applicable to the current Itinerary you are building. 

This will delete a specific accommodation from the Itinerary. The Route Builder and the Planner will be affected by this change. 

Should the stay be in a different order, you should be able to rearrange it by clicking on the letter (A, B, C …) next to the property name, hold for 3 seconds and then drag to rearrange as needed.

Wetu Suggests: Any changes in the Accommodation Step will affect the Route Builder and the Planner. If you are concerned about the changes, copy the itinerary and make changes to the new one, allowing you to have the old one available should something go wrong.

Video Tutorial: Adding Components to Your Itineraries

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