Publishable Tours: What is the difference between Day and Multiple Day Tours

We describe a tour as an excursion or an experience that can either take place within a day or through the course of a couple of days. You're able to put together your tours in Wetu using the Day Tour Builder. Once on your Home Screen, you have options to Create, Edit and Manage Publishable Tours. The Edit and Manage Browsers will be populated with your tours once you start creating them.

Day Tours
These are excursions that are mostly short, experienced within a few hours of the day or within the course of a full day. For example, a 5 hour trip to a wine farm to witness the wine making process and taste the region's best wines would considered a Day Tour.

Multiple Day Tours 
These are excursions that are spread out across several days with an overnight stay as part of the tour. For example, a 5 day trekking tour involving game drives, birding and other activities specified for each day with overnight/s for either a night or a couple of nights would be considered a Multiple Day Tour.

There is no significant difference in how these two are built only a slight contrast in some details that you're able to include. For example, the Multiple Day Tour has an Accommodation Step to add the overnight stay/s while a Day Tour doesn't as there's no overnight stay. You will also notice that a Day Tour when viewed, will open directly onto the tour whilst for a Multiple Day Tour, the first page you see will be a beautiful landing page whose layout can be managed through the use of Themes.

To build either of these tours, refer to the articles How to build a Multiple Day Tour and How to build a Day Tour.

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