Browser: How do I search for a Tour or Component

Once all of your Components or Tours have been created and saved, they are stored inside the Itinerary Browser. The search and filter functions allow you to easily find them when you need them.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages, however, the filter options will be different for Personal and Sample Itineraries

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Getting Started
Search using Browser Headings
Search using Filters

Getting Started

From your Dashboard, click on Itinerary Builder. This will open the Itinerary Browser window. All your Existing Tours and Components appear on the right hand side.

In this example, we will have a look at searching through Existing Day Tours but the same logic applies to Existing  Components and Multi-Day Tours. 

Note: The options in the above screen may vary depending on the functionality you have enabled on your account

Searching using Browser Headings

When you look at the Itinerary Browser, some of the headings have search bars, let's go through these quickly:

Tour Name 
Search by the name of the Day Tour by typing all or part of the Day Tour name in the search field.

Search by the language of the Day Tour e.g select 'German' from the dropdown to find all German Day Tours

Ref no.

Search by the Day Tour reference number by typing the full reference number in the search field.

Sort by date last modified. Clicking on the arrow will change the order to sort ascending or descending.

If you changed the branding of your Day Tour you will be able to search by the Identity you used. To learn more about creating and using Identities, read the article Identities: How to Create and Use Identities

By default you will see only Day Tours created by you. However, if you would like to access any other Day Tours created by other consultants in your team, you can do that by choosing a specific consultant's name or 'All' from the dropdown in the Consultant field of the Itinerary Browser.

Search using Filters

On the top right-hand side of your screen, you will find the orange 'Filter' option.

The Filter section has four sections:.

This is only relevant to Multi-Day Tours and Multi-Day Components. Search by the accommodations you have used. You can add in more than one hotel to get even better search results. 

Destination and Country
Search by Country and Destination to find previously created Day Tours in those areas.

Number  of Nights

This is only relevant to Multi-Day Tours and Multi-Day Components. Search for existing Multi-Day Tours and Multi-Day Components with a particular number of nights. 

Tags and Labels
Search for the tags and labels that you have assigned your Tour. To learn more about assigning tags and labels, read the article Browser: How do I use Tags and Labels

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