Tourplan: How to set up your WETU / Tourplan iS Messaging Template

This document will help you understand how to set up your XML message template inside of Tourplan as well as how to generate the Itinerary message code out of Tourplan. 

This functionality is only available to Digital Enterprise clients with an existing Tourplan account

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Getting Started
Setting up your Wetu messaging template
Generating your Wetu messaging template

Getting Started

After receiving your XML message template from Wetu, you will need to use this to create a new Tourplan messaging template.

Setting up your Wetu messaging template

Open up the messaging module in your Tourplan Dashboard and select 'Insert to create a new messaging code.  

Name your messaging template so it is easily identified by both your consultants and Wetu staff (for support purposes). 

The XML script sent to you will indicate by means of yellow highlighted headers, the exact location of each section. 

  • Header
  • Lines <blank>
  • Optional Lines <blank>
  • Tail
  • Room
  • Room Name  

Each section has been highlighted for your convenience. Copy and paste each section of XML script from the bottom up and paste into the highlighted sections in your Tourplan messaging template.

Note: Do not change/edit any of the formatting.

How to generate your Wetu messaging template

For more information on generating your Wetu messaging template, this document will be able to assist you.

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