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Looking to find out which booking systems integrate with Wetu and who to contact for help? Here is the list.

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Wetu Managed Integrations
Externally Managed
Requesting Assistance

Wetu Managed Integrations

Wetu has developed and manages integrations with the following systems.


Externally Managed Integrations

The below Companies have Integrated with Wetu. Any queries regarding these integrations can be directed to the relevant company.

Nitro Travel Solutions

Requesting Assistance

If you are looking for a new reservation system, that integrates with Wetu, we recommend that you contact the above companies for advice on which system will work best for your company. 

If you require further assistance with a Wetu Managed Integration, please email . For any Externally Managed Integrations, the external company can be contacted directly. 

Should you wish to investigate the possibility of a new integration, please contact

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