Tour 32: How to use the Wetu/ Tour 32 Connector

This document will help you understand how to send the generated Itinerary out of Tour 32, connect and map your booking service lines between the two systems which will result in producing a Wetu Itinerary. 

This functionality  is only available to Digital Enterprise clients with an existing Tourplan account

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Set up Tour 32 Integration
Open Tour 32 Inbound Connector
Connect to your Booking
Itinerary Created Screen

Set up Tour 32 Integration

Wetu will activate your Tour 32 Integration for you and pass on your FTP details to Tour 32. Please, could you send us your two-letter Tour32 Bearbeiter / User Codes. 

Tour 32 will enable the integration functionality on your Tour 32 account. Once enabled, a Wetu button will appear in your system as seen below: 

NB: Your booking needs to contain at least one Accommodation, in order to generate a Wetu Itinerary. 

Log into Wetu and enter your username and password to access your Dashboard. Once done, select 'Connect', which will allow you to view all sent Tour 32 bookings in Wetu. 

This will take you through to the Wetu/Tour 32 Inbound Connector containing a list of all Bookings sent to Wetu. 

Connect to your Booking

Select 'Connect' and your mapping screen containing all your services for that booking will open.

If you make a change to your existing Tour32 booking, resend it, and then select 'Update' for the changes to reflect in your existing digital itinerary. Selecting "New" will create a new digital itinerary using an existing booking. 

The 'Mapping' Column will show what the services are mapped as (ie: Accommodation, activities). If all services are mapped, a green proceed option will appear on the top right-hand side. 

If there are services that still need to be mapped, the 'Mapping' Column will show 'Map Now' and there will be an orange Skip option on the top right-hand side. By selecting the 'Map Now' next to each service line you will be able to map the services. This document will give you more information on mapping your services. 

Itinerary Screen Created

Once all services are mapped and you have selected either the green Proceed or the orange skip option, the system will generate your itinerary and the Itinerary Created Screen will open allowing you to enter into the Itinerary Builder.

For more information on Tour32 click here

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