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It is possible to download printable versions of the Virtual and Digital Itineraries you create in Wetu's Itinerary Builder. Printable Itineraries are generated in Microsoft Word format, which can be converted to PDF and e-mailed to clients. 

There are two different style templates that can be applied to Printable Itineraries, Classic and Contemporary. Each style template has its own customisation options, which are designed to create a different look and feel.

In this document, we will show you how to generate a Classic Printable Itinerary, and explain the options available for customising its appearance. For information on using the Contemporary style template to generate Printable Itineraries, please refer to this article.

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Generating a Classic Printable Itinerary
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Getting Started

To generate a Printable Itinerary you will need to be in the Additional Details Step of the Itinerary Builder.

Wetu Suggests: Wetu's Printable Outputs are designed to be Microsoft Word compatible. You will not achieve an optimum result if you use another word processing application. For this reason we strongly recommend using Microsoft Word to view and edit your Printable Itineraries. You can also convert to PDF format using MS Word.

Generating a Classic Printable Itinerary

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select  Printable Itinerary, on the left under Outputs

The  Printable Itinerary Options window will appear, with your chosen style template specified in the title bar:

Note: The Printable Itinerary Options window will not appear if the account Admin has not given consultants access to customise the Print Options. Instead the Printable Itinerary will download immediately with the default settings which have been set in Admin. You may want to do this if you prefer all Printable Itineraries generated by your team to look the same. Administrators can find out more about setting print option defaults and controlling customisation here.

Customisation Options

The Printable Itinerary Options window contains a number of options which can be used to customise the information which appears on the Printable Summary. 

These customisation options are divided into four groups, namely Customisation, Images, Hyperlinks, and Content. The options available in each of these four groups is explained below:


You can customise the font colours of your Printable Itinerary. Use the colour picker, or enter Hex or RGB values:

Primary Colour

  • Customise the colour of primary headings, such as Day, Itinerary Name, Client name, Price, Includes/Excludes

Secondary Colour

  • Customise the colour of secondary headings, such as Activities, Accommodations, Room/Suite

Hyperlink Colour

  • Choose a colour for the hyperlinks (see below) that can be added to your Printable Itinerary
Note: A default colour can be set in Admin. If you change default colour in the Itinerary Builder a  reset button will appear so that you can return to the default colour if needed.

Paper Size

  • Choose between A4 or Letter size. Letter size is useful if you are generating vouchers for someone from a country which uses US paper sizes, such as Canada, USA and parts of South America.

Heading Font

  • Select a font for the headings that appear on your Printable Itinerary from the list of Windows-compatible fonts.

Body Text Font

  • Select a font for the body text that appear on your Printable Itinerary from the list of Windows-compatible fonts.

Date Format

  • Choose between British (dd/mm/yy) or the American (mm/dd/yy) date format. 

Text Alignment

  • Decide how you would like the text in your Printable Itinerary to be laid out - left-aligned or justified


Operator Logo Placement & Size

  • With Classic, the Operator logo will appear at the top of the page on your Printable Itinerary. Decide if you want your logo to be large or small, and if you want it in the middle, on the left or on the right. Alternatively, you can hide the Operator logo.

Destination Images

  • Opening Gallery: A gallery of images from the Destination will appear at the very beginning of the Printable Itinerary
  • With Destination: A Destination image will be included with the Destination information in the itinerary
  • Hidden: No Destination images will be displayed

Accommodation Images & Accommodation Room Images

  • You can choose between having 1, 2 or 3 images of the accommodation displayed side-by-side, or no images at all (hide).

Activity Images

  • You can choose between having 1, 2 or 3 images of the activity images displayed side-by-side, or no images at all (hide). Alternatively, you can have just the activity description, without any images.

Link: View Web Version: Link to your Virtual or Digital Itinerary

Link:Further Information: Link to a Service Providers website if they have included one in their info.

Link: View iBrochure: Link to the Service Providers iBrochure if they have one.

Wetu Suggests:If you plan to e-mail the Printable Itinerary to your Client as a PDF or MS Word document, hyperlinks can be included which your client can click through to for additional information. If you plan on printing your Printable Itinerary before giving it to your client Wetu recommends removing these hyperlinks by unticking the boxes alongside them.


You can modify the layout or order of the information provided in your Printable Itinerary in a number of different ways:

Accommodation Position

  • Choose between having the accommodation information and images of accommodation appear at the start or the end of the relevant day on the itinerary.

Day Header

  • Single Line: Day in itinerary (Day 1 etc), accommodation, destination, date and day of the week in brackets all in one line
  • Double Line: Day in itinerary, date and day of the week in top line, followed by accommodation and destination in the next line

Empty Content

  • Leave a placeholder where the empty content would be or hide it completely.


  • Hide Inbound/Outbound Flights: Map does not display any inbound or outbound flights, including long-haul/overnight flights, but does display all other travel
  • Hidden: Map not displayed at all
  • Show All Travel: Map displays all travel, including international flights
  • Hide Overnight Flights: Map does not display long-haul/overnight flights but does display all other flights and travel
  • Hide all Inbound/Outbound Travel: Map does not display any inbound or outbound travel arrangements (flights, transfers, self-drive, boat, etc.)

Travel Arrangements

  • Last Page: Summary of all the Travel Arrangements (flights, transfer, etc) on the final page of the itinerary
  • Start, After Map: Summary of all the Travel Arrangements at the beginning of the itinerary, after the map
  • Day by Day: Travel Arrangements shown per day, after accommodation and activities.

Destination Date Ranges

  • Choose to include or exclude checkout dates for the accommodations listed in your printable itinerary


  • Driving Directions can be displayed at the end of each travel day, or at the very end of the itinerary, before the T's & C's and Travel Information. Alternatively, you can choose to not display any driving directions (hide). 
Note: The layout and appearance of driving directions is different in the Classic and Contemporary style templates.

Country Information

  • None: Not displayed in the itinerary at all
  • Included: Basic country description only, found at the beginning of the Itinerary with Destination Information. Details such as Health, Visa, etc excluded.
  • Included with Detail (Inline): All details (description, plus Health, Visa, etc) at beginning of Itinerary with Destination Information
  • Included with Details (Appendix): All details at the end of the Itinerary
  • Included with Detail (Split): Basic Country description at the beginning of the itinerary, and the rest of the details at the end of the itinerary.

Include Dates in Destination Table: The Destination Table is an overview of the itinerary, where accommodation & destinations are listed at the beginning of the itinerary. 

Selected: the dates at each destination/accommodation as well as the number of nights will display

Not selected: Display each destination/accommodation without dates. Just display the accommodation and destination summary

Prevent Page Breaks

Selected: Removes pages breaks; information runs over pages

Not selected: Enables page breaks in the document.

Note: Some page breaks in Microsoft Word are forced and cannot be controlled by this checkbox. You can, however, edit the page breaks within the Word Document once you have downloaded it, using the Show function under the Home tab.

Display Room Information

Selected: Any room information that you have included will display in the printable itinerary.

Not selected: Room information will not display in the printable itinerary

Display Basis

Selected: Basis information will be displayed

Not selected: Basis is hidden if this option is selected

Display Destination Before Day Notes

Selected: Day Notes will be displayed after the Destination Information

Not selected: Day notes will display at the beginning of each day, before the Destination Information.

Display Contact Details

Selected: The contact details of all Service Providers included in the itinerary will appear at the end of the Printable Itinerary, before Travel Information and Ts & Cs.

Not selected: Contact details for the Service Providers included in the itinerary will be excluded from the Printable Itinerary

Display Alternative Accommodation

Selected: Alternative Accommodation included in your Itinerary will display on your Printable Itinerary

Not selected: Exclude any Alternative Accommodation that you added from your Printable Itinerary


Once you have selected all the options you would like to use to customise the appearance of your Printable Itinerary, click the Download Itinerary button:

Your Printable Itinerary will download in Microsoft Word format. You can edit and make changes as you wish within this word processing application.

Note: Once you have downloaded your Printable Itinerary, any changes which you make to the document in Microsoft Word will not be automatically updated on Wetu - you will be working on two different systems.

Once you click Download Itinerary, any changes you make to the customisations options in the Itinerary Builder will be remembered by the system. If you switch to another itinerary or when you log in again, your Printable Itinerary Options will appear with the options you last used. You can always return default settings that your team's Wetu Admin set in the Admin Panel by clicking Set to Default:

Wetu Suggests: Wetu's Printable Outputs are designed to be Microsoft Word compatible. You will not achieve an optimum result if you use another word processing application. For this reason we strongly recommend using Microsoft Word to view and edit your Printable Itineraries. You can also convert to PDF format using MS Word.


Problem: I'm unable to open/ access the printable itinerary.

Solution: Please refresh your browser by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard

Problem: Empty Content not hiding correctly on printable output

Solution: Navigate to the step 6 of the Itinerary Builder and click the Printable Itinerary button

The Printable Itinerary Options Window appears. Look for the Empty Content field in the Content section.

Click on the drop-down menu and select Show Placeholder. Then click on the drop-down menu again and select Hide. Finally, click Download Itinerary

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