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While there are many options to embed an itinerary into a website, this document looks over the use of iFrames. It is always best to have a general idea of the processes, however, this document is not a replacement for an expert in their field. We always recommend sharing this document with your web developer who is able to customise this for your website to make it amazing. 

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What does the code mean
Where to get the iBrochure codes
Which link to use for Itineraries and Catalogues
iBrochure Example 
iBrochure Catalogue Example
Itinerary Example 
Itinerary Catalogue Example

What does the code mean

The iframe code we make use of is a standard piece of HTML that can be added into the back of any HTML website. Let's break it down:

This is the URL that can be replaced with any itinerary, catalogue or iBrochure Embed Link

This is the width of the block that will show in your website

This is the hight of the block that will show in your website

The width of the frame around the block in your website

Where do I get the iBrochure codes

This document will give you a details breakdown on how to find the codes required for iBrochures.

Which link to use for my itineraries and catalogues

For itineraries and catalogues you are able to simply use the links you would normally send to your clients. 

Remember, if you have your itinerary viewed notifications set to 'Always' you will get a notification each and every time the itineraries are opened. This document will show you the various options you have to control your notifications. If you embed a catalogue, make sure you edit notifications for all the itineraries in the catalogue. 


Insert this code:
<iframe src="https://wetu.com/Embed/Mini/Index/24061?op=1&desc=1&video=0" height="546" width="680" frameborder="2"></iframe>

iBrochure Catalogues

Insert this code:
<iframe src="https://wetu.com/Rack/View/Catalogue/9673" height="546" width="680" frameborder="2"></iframe>


Insert this code:
<iframe src="https://wetu.com/Itinerary/Landing/BFBAACF7-6BCE-4605-8A1C-8A09E4BBFF68" height="546" width="680" frameborder="2"></iframe>

Itinerary Catalogue

Insert this code:
<iframe src="https://wetu.com/Rack/View/Catalogue/9395" height="546" width="680" frameborder="2"></iframe>

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