Suppliers: How do I Add Documents, Details and Directions

In this article we will look at pre adding Directions for properties, uploading Documents and where they are displayed as well as looking at the Details option and what effect that has on your itineraries and other Wetu outputs. 

This functionality is available for Digital Enterprise Packages

In this article

Getting Started 
Adding Documents 
Adding Details
Adding Directions 

Getting Started

From your dashboard navigate to the Admin Panel.

Note: Admin Panel is only available to users with the Admin Permissions

Adding Documents

Wetu enables you to add documents to your account for easy storage and distribution. To add Documents, select the Suppliers Tab and open Documents.

You will then select 'Add' for the relevant document type, either Fact Sheets or Rates.

Select your document from those on your computer and select open.

Once the Document has loaded you are then able to change the Document Name, choose the permissions for the document and select 'Save'.

Will show to consultants as well as clients. Documents will display on the iBrochure if the property has one

These documents will only display to consultants either in the admin tab or via the Consultant Portal

Consultant & Agent:
This option currently works the same as the Consultant option

This is relevant for iBrochure holders only and can only be viewed in the Admin Section or when sent using Wetu Share

Adding Details

The Details section allows you to customise various sections of outputs as well as add contact details when none are available. to do this, open the Supplier Tab open select 'Details'.

A pop-up screen will appear where you can now insert Details of the Supplier such as a Hyperlink, Telephone Number, Stars, Rating and Category. Once you have entered all the necessary information you can then select Save.

This will add the hyperlink to the printable documents when the property is added

The number added here will override all client-facing contact numbers for the property

Stars, Rating and Category:
This overrides the information loaded by the supplier on the iBrochure

Adding Directions

To add preset directions to and from properties, in the Supplier Tab select Directions. 

Note: If you do not have this option please contact our Support Team to enable it for you.

You will then select which language you would like to add the directions in and select 'Add New Directions'.

Choose if your start point is from a location or from a roadway.

Note: A Location must be an Airport, accommodation or something that has a specific GPS location loaded on Wetu. Areas such as Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Durban will not have a direct point on the map allowing direction to be generated.

Enter the Start Point, a drop-down menu will appear where you can choose the correct start point. 

The Directions will then automatically pull through from Google.

Check the Map to see if the automated route is right. If not select a new one by clicking on the highlighted route and dragging it to the desired road.

Note: If you change the route on the map, the directions will change and need to be edited again

Once you have entered all the necessary information you can select Save.

For more information on Routes and how to make use of the directions, see this document. 

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