Destinations: Customising DMO iBrochures

Destination Marketing Organisations (or DMO's for short) are the true experts on destinations. For this reason, Wetu has launched an exciting function allowing DMO's to add their own content and produce a beautiful iBrochure for both their use and the use of our Operators. In this document, you will learn how to edit the content for the enhanced DMO Destination listings. 

Some of this functionality is available for the Enterprise Packages Only

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Getting Started
The Details
Viewing and Sending the iBrochure
Editing the Content
Editing the Images

Getting Started

To Access the Information loaded and managed by DMO's, navigate to the Admin section of your account and open the Destinations Tab. Select the 'Show DMO Destination' option. A list of all Destinations managed by a DMO will display. 

The Details

The first four columns provide you with information about the destination: 

Name: the name of the destination
Country: The Country linked to this destination
Marketing Organisation: This is the Organisation who is managing this information. This may be a local tourism board or Tourism Authorities. This only displays for enhanced Destinations.
Last Updated: The last time the content was edited

Viewing and Sending the iBrochure

This is only available for enhanced Destinations.

By selecting "iBrochure" the Destination iBrochure will open in a separate tab. The layout is exactly the same as a property iBrochure, however, the types of information and headings will be different. You are able to copy this link to send to your clients. The iBrochure will have your contact information added by default.

Note: Only an Enhanced DMO Destination will have this option available.

The DMO is able to upload various Fast Facts, Attractions, Images, Videos and Virtual Tours. Any existing Accommodations, Activities and Destinations loaded in Wetu can be linked to their iBrochure. 

Note: Your hybrid content will display for all linked options when the iBrochure is generated from your account with your branding. 

Some of this information is static, however, the below fields can be edited. 

Editing the Content

The following fields will be available in the admin section for you to edit. The Safety, Best Time to Visit, Climate and Etiquette sections are only available for enhanced Destinations. 

Select Description to edit the description of the Destination. Add the translated text to the various language tabs across the top. 

In the Description block, click on the drop-down option on the top left-hand side. If the DMO has added Attractions here, select the attraction to view and edit the description. 

If the DMO has not uploaded any Attractions, add a CUstom Attraction for your account by Selection "add Custom Attraction". 

Add the name of the Attraction, followed by the description. 

Here you can add any Saftey information for the Destination.

Best Time to Visit
This is where you can add any specific information on when to visit. For Example, add in seasonal information or if there are highlight events at specific times of the year. 

Add in information on the Destination specific climate.

Here you are able to add any notes about the Etiquette of a destination. Is there a specific way to dress, or any specific details the client should know about expected Etiquette? 

Editing the Images

By selecting Images you are able to view and edit the default images for the DMO Destination. 

Here is a Document that will further explain how to customise the Image Section. 


Add any documents that you would like to display on the iBrochure for your clients, or for you to store on in your Account. 

Select Add and browse through the documents on your computer. 

Choose your Privacy 

Public: Visible to the client on the iBrochure
Consultant and Consultant & Agent: Only Visible to those logged into your account
Private: This is not relevant to operators and only the DMO's

Once you have made your selection, save the changes and add another document. 


The embed option is only available for enhanced Destinations. When you select Embed, a pop-up block will show. 

Use this Code to Embed the iBrochure Widget for this destination on a website. 

Wetu Suggests: Enlist the help of your web developer for this. They will know how to add an iFrame into your Website.
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