Destinations: How do I add or customise Destination Content

Wetu provides default Destination Information which is linked to the Accommodations  in the system. The Destination information displayed on your Itineraries is based on the Accommodations you have included in it.
It is possible to add and edit the destination information and images that appear on your itineraries. This article will explain how to customise this destination information, via the Admin Panel.
This functionality is available to Digital Lite and Digital Enterprise Packages users with Admin privileges. 

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Customising Destinations Content

Login to your Wetu account and once on the Dashboard, click on Admin. Then click on the Destinations tab.

Here you will find the list of Destinations that have been included in any of the itineraries you have built. 

Wetu Suggests: Use Ctrl-f to easily search the list of destinations

Next to each country is a list of options where you can add information. The functionality of each editing option is described below


Click on Description to edit the Destination name or description.

In the pop-up window which appears you can also change the description language. Save to apply changes.

Note: Note: When you change the Description  it will override the default Wetu content in all your outputs. Overwriting the default Wetu content also means that, if Wetu updates the content, your content will not update. You therefore need to ensure that you keep any customised content updated yourself.

In the same pop up for customising the description, you can customise the the name of the destination that displays in your itineraries.

The amended name will show in brackets next to the default Wetu content name in Destinations to indicate what name will appear on your itineraries:

The green tick indicates that changes have been made to content.

Note: The default Wetu content name will still display in the itinerary builder, however the custom name will show on all itinerary outputs. When searching for a Destination, you need to still search for the default Wetu content name. 

More Info

This option allows you to add additional information about the Destination that you would like to appear in your itinerary, but which does not necessarily fit with the general description. 

Click on More Info next to the Destination to which you want to add additional information.

Fill in your custom additional Destination information in the pop-up window which appears and click save.

Note: This information will only display on the Digital Itinerary 


It is possible to to customize which images you would like to use for a particular Destination. Click on  Images next to the Destination for which you would like to add custom images.

In the new browser window which opens, select Images

Wetu Suggests: Images should be a 2:1 panoramic image (at least 1 MB in size)
Note: The first 3 images that you have in My Collection are important because these 3 images are what is displayed on most of your outputs. 

My Collection allows you to choose what images you would like to display for this Destination. You can use images that Wetu has uploaded or you can upload your own by clicking on the Add Image button. 

To include images in My Collection that Wetu has loaded, navigate to Default Images and click on the arrow icon to move a supplier image into My Collection. 

Note: You can change the order of appearance in My Collection by dragging and dropping the images.

Once you have loaded, selected and arranged the images that you would like to use for this Destination, you should indicate if you would like to display the images in My Collection only or the images loaded by the Supplier as well. 

Banner Image. You can also chose the image that displays as the banner for each destination. Click on Banner Image below the Images tab

Note: This image will be displayed in your Paper Itinerary, Virtual Itinerary and Digital Itinerary so it is important to upload images correctly.
Wetu Suggests: Images should be a 4:1 panoramic image (suggested 2400 x 600 pixels, at least 1 MB in size)

You also have the ability to add and customise the content for Countries, learn more here

Learn more about Managing an Admin Account by clicking here.

Looking for information on how to set an Accommodation Destination? Click here to learn more. 

Please ensure that you have permission from the Content Owner to ensure that there are no copyright issues when itineraries are distributed. Wetu is not responsible should any issues occur.

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