Adding Enhanced Content: Destination Marketing Organisations (DMO)

Create, manage, and distribute your destination marketing content, from one platform, with the tourism and travel industry so that the industry is aware of your destination's offerings and increase tourism and the communities of the destination.

As your iBrochure will indirectly be marketing the supplier and uplifting the communities within the destinations, you will be able to select Wetu activities, accommodations, and destinations in your Update Form.

Wetu Operators will benefit from the DMO iBrochure as when itineraries are sold the accommodation/activity is no longer sold as the main objective, it is the destination. This allows the Operator to embed the content-rich DMO iBrochure on their website or itineraries which will inform and showcase the destination and all its offerings to your clients.

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Product Information
General Information



In this section, you will be able to edit the name of your DMO as well as select one or multiple iBrochure language options.

Travel Information

Update the free text sections with the Destinations Climate and Weather, Best Time to Visit, Etiquette and Safety Notices.


Adding pictures will provide travellers with a visual representation of the destination, making it easier for them to envision themselves enjoying all the amenities & facilities whilst on their dream vacation. Pictures speak louder than words.

A few things to consider when uploading pictures:

  • The minimum size of the image must be at least 2MP
  • Upload a minimum of 10 images (high-resolution)
  • Upload high-resolution images with a minimum 648 x 432 resolution.
  • Landscape images are preferred than portrait images (most screens are twice as wide as they are high, therefore landscape images will display better than portrait images).


Videos are a great way to show off your destination in a wider scope that pictures cannot. Here you are able to link videos from YouTube to your listing.

Note: Please ensure that the YouTube channel you are linking from does not have Google Ads on it as these can advertise a holiday to the other side of the world. Also, check to see that the video you are uploading is not restricted to certain geographies and that it is not set to Private.

Virtual Tours

These are slightly complicated as, unlike videos, there isn't a central player for them like YouTube. The link would be generated and shared with you by the provider that shot it for you.

Supported Virtual Tour Providers You are able to upload your Virtual Tours that have been done by the following providers:

  • krpano
  • swf panorama
  • iframe

If you are looking for a new Virtual Tour we recommend using Google, as this is the easiest way to get your Virtual Tour into as many places as possible - your website, Wetu, other websites and Google Maps

Product Information

Fast Facts

In this section, you will be able to update the following destination information in the free text sections;

  • Size
  • Population
  • Currency
  • Official Language
  • Language Guide - this enables travellers to know useful and important phrases
Note: A maximum of 3 additional languages may be added and the iBrochure will only display a new language phrase(s) if it has been populated. The English phrases cannot be edited.


Attractions for the destination can be added by populating the following free text fields;

  • Name 
  • Description
  • Images


All existing activities with either a Basic or Enhanced listing, for the destination, will be available for selection. There is no limit on the number of activities selectable.


All existing accommodations with either a Basic or Enhanced listing, for the destination, will be available for selection. There is no limit on the number of accommodations selectable.


All the regions/towns, for the destination, will be available for selection. There is no limit on the number of destinations selectable.

General Information

Contact Details

Here you will see several fields for you to add the relevant contact details that you have i.e Front Desk, Reservation/Booking, Marketing Contact Person etc (scroll down to see all fields). The contacts saved here will appear on your iBrochure within Wetu and when you distribute it.

Tips to consider when inserting your social media links;

Banner Images

The banner image will appear in itineraries build with your destination selected. This is a future enhancement for further along in the project. 


The following document sections will be available to update;

  • Covid-19 Notice
  • Fact Sheet
  • Rates
  • Brochure
  • Directions
  • FAQ's
  • Other / General section
Note: Word and PDF formatted documents will be accepted


Update your Splash Page, Cover & Slider images. Refer to this guide Adding Content: Splash, Cover & Slider Images for further details on how to do it.

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