Route Builder: Adding Car Hire

Below we will take you through the process of how to add Car Hire details for all of your self-drive itineraries

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Getting Started 
How to add Car Hire

Getting Started

Car Hire details can be added in the Route Builder step when you are building your itinerary

Note: You will need to have the mode of transport Self-Drive selected in at least one leg of your journey in the Route Builder step in order for the option to add Car Hire to be visible in this step. 

How to Add Car Hire

Once you have selected Self-Drive as your mode of transport, you will notice that at the bottom of your screen you will have an orange button '+Add Car Hire' available.

Clicking on this option will open the 'Car hire - Booking details' screen where you are able to add all of the relevant details relating to your car rental. 

After all the information has been added, you will need to click on 'Update Car Hire' for the information to save to your itinerary.

You can add in multiple different car rental details by following the above steps as needed.

Note: the date ranges for your car hire does not automatically match up with your itinerary dates as you could potentially switch between car rental companies in various destinations during the trip, therefore, you will need to manually select the dates for the car hire. 
Wetu Suggests: we recommend that you load all of your Car Rental providers that you use on a regular basis in Admin under Contacts and Services. You will then be able to import the rental companies information using the 'Load Contacts' button.

Car hire details can be added during Step5: Review. The document, How does the Review Step Work will provide you with more information on this. 

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