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Preload in Admin Panel
Adding in the Itinerary Builder
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With a little planning, keeping all your contact details in Wetu ensures consultants can quickly access the details and add them to itineraries. 

With so many risks and variables, travelers can be put at ease by having all the details, and emergency information they need within easy reach. This simple, yet effective step in building a Wetu itinerary brings in a sense of security and trust for your intrepid explorers. The ability to preload information reduces the risk of human error and gives easy visibility of preferred providers for your whole company.

In Wetu, only preloaded services have contact details and this functionality is designed for crucial contact details for transport providers, Meet & Greet services and any miscellaneous contacts they may need. Simply load the contact details in admin, select the relevant transport, Meet & Greet or Important Contact while building your itinerary and find them in the Printable Itinerary, Summary Document, Vouchers and the TravelKey App. 

Preload in Admin Panel

From the Dashboard, select Admin and navigate to the tab called "Contacts & Services"

This will display a list of all the Contact details you already have loaded, as well as any Meet & Greet Services you have created. 

Selecting "+Create Contact" will open a list of details for you to fill in. These fields are not compulsory, and the outputs will only show the details you have filled in and ignore the blank spaces. Selecting the Contact Type allows you to sort them by order in the admin sections, however has little impact on the outputs. 

Adding to the Itinerary Builder

Simply select "Load Contacts" then select the relevant details. 

In the Itinerary Builder, the Contacts are available to be added in the following locations:

Step 3: Route Builder

  • Transfer
  • Scheduled Flight
  • Charter Flight
  • Train
  • Boat
  • Car Hire

Step 4: Planner

  • Meet & Greet Services

Step 5: Review

  • Important Contacts 
  • When updating the services mentioned above

Where They Display

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