Additional details: How do I use the Pricing Sheets

Here you will learn how to easily access your Pricing Spreadsheet to work out the costing of the Itinerary.

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Getting Started
Accessing your Pricing Spreadsheet
Downloading your Pricing Spreadsheet
Editing your Pricing Spreadsheet

Getting Started

From your Dashboard, head to the last tab of your Itinerary Builder (Step 6: Additional Details). 

Accessing your Pricing Spreadsheet

Towards the bottom of the screen with the rest of the outputs, you will find the Pricing sheets dropdown labelled with 'Pricing (Rack). There 3 options to choose from will be: 

For consultants who enter Rack Rates and deduct their commission

For consultants who enter Nett Rates and add their commission

For consultants who have their own Spreadsheet and wish to link the Itinerary data to it

Note: This IS NOT a quoting system. The Wetu Excel Spreadsheet is merely a time saving and error reducing device, no pricing pulls through. 

Downloading your Pricing Spreadsheet

Once you have chosen which Base Currency and Other Currency you would like to pull through onto your Pricing Sheet, select 'Download Spreadsheet'. 

Note: Wetu does not provide conversions for United Arab Emirates Dirham ( AED) or the Botswana Pula ( BWP). When using these currencies in your pricing sheet, you will need to manually add in the conversion rate.

Depending on your internet browser or computer, you can either find the download at the bottom of your internet browser, on a new Tab or you'll have to search recent downloads. 

Your download might look something like these: 

or it might be at the top of your browser on the right side:

Double click on your download to open up the Itinerary file. 

If pop-ups are turned off (blocked) on your Internet Browser your Itinerary might not download, so if nothing happens when you click on 'OK' you need to allow pop-ups for Wetu on that browser. 

Editing your Pricing Spreadsheet

Your spreadsheet will open in Excel.  You can add the relevant prices and commissions and work out your quote.

Note:  any changes you make will not be recorded in Wetu you are now working in a different system.
Wetu Suggests: If you have multiple guests on the same Itinerary, be sure to double-check the quantities of the services offered (under transfers, activities and miscellaneous) as this defaults to display the number 1, even if there are multiple guests added.  

Save your Excel Spreadsheet and file it as you normally would have - this is the hard copy of your quote.

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