Using my iBrochure: Distributing your iBrochure

Wetu is designed to help you distribute your content effectively, and, although there is organic distribution within Wetu,  you get the best results from your Enhanced Listing with proactive distribution.  The primary tool for proactive distribution is the iBrochure, or if you have multiple Listings then the Digital Catalogue. For those with a Digital Catalogue wherever you see iBrochure below you can substitute it for Digital Catalogue.

This functionality is available for all iBrochure listings

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Content sells
Distribute it widely
Use your iBrochure in Marketing
Link your iBrochure to your Website

Content sells

Especially rich content – and the iBrochure is designed to deliver all your rich content to your trade partners, so make sure you get your iBrochure to the Trade.

Your iBrochure does the job of:

  • A paper brochure
  • An eBrochure
  • CD Rom / Flash sticks
  • A content library / Dropbox

Distribute it widely

Distribute it to everyone – it will not run out!
Make sure that everyone who markets and sells you - from reception to international reps - has a link which they can use to distribute your  iBrochure safe in the knowledge that it contains the best and most up-to-date content.
Place a hyperlink of your iBrochure in your email signature and out-of-office response – for all who market to the Trade. How to make a hyperlink
Use your iBrochure in response to those dreaded hi-res requests – no admin, just reply to the email!  All your content is in your response.
Send an email to all your trade partners informing them you have an iBrochure and that they can rebrand it or get images from it.
Note: Make sure that you use the link from your Dashboard when distributing your iBrochure

Use your iBrochure in Marketing

Ensure your reps use your iBrochure as a follow up to all sales meetings and trade shows, a link in your email gives your trade partners all your content.
Newsletters – include links of your iBrochure in newsletters to the industry.
Place a link to your iBrochure in your Website
  • it's good for SEO to link to other reputable sites and Wetu is a giant tourism website
  • your iBrochure has your contact details and will send the business back to you or your website
  • agents and operators can easily access it there while looking for content
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