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Below we will take you through the process of how to add the activities that will create memorable experiences for your clients. Adding activities correctly can ensure that your clients receive further content within their itinerary and allow you to specify certain details for the activities. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Adding Additional Activity Details
Video Tutorial: Adding Activities to Your Itineraries

Getting Started 

Activities for clients can be added to the Planner Step of the Itinerary Builder. 

How to Add an Activity

There are two methods that you are able to use to add an activity to your day planner: They both have the same result, but it allows you to choose which you prefer. 

First Method
By selecting 'Activity' the 'Select an Activity' option will activate. Click on this section and begin to type the name of the activity that you are looking for. 

The system will automatically try to find activities according to what you are searching for. Select the activity that you are looking for and it will be added to your itinerary.

Second Method
This option is a similar process, however, instead of selecting 'Activity' you are able to rather click in the box indicating 'Click to Add Activity' followed by clicking on the 'Select an Activity'. The rest of the process is as above. 

Note: Should you want to change the activity you have added to your itinerary, you can click on the activity you want to change to reactivate the search feature. 

In the drop-down list of activities you will find the following:

%comm. not specified
If your company has made use of the consultant portal and added in a commission percentage, the percentage will show here.

The black 'IB' box indicates that the activity is an iBrochure.

The large percentage indicates the amount of content that is loaded for the activity. 0% indicates no information, and 100% indicates a complete listing. 

Note: Clicking on the preview button next to the activity you are able to see the descriptions and images that have been loaded for the activity. 
Note: Activities can be edited in the  Supplier tab of Admin, much like the hotels. To find the activities on the supplier list, add them using the quick add functionality.

Adding Additional Activity Details

Now that you have successfully added an activity to your planner, you can add additional information for the clients' to see. While this is not compulsory, it will ensure all of the details will be available for the clients at a later stage. 

In this field, you will be able to add both specific and general times to each of the activities loaded into your itinerary. 

Miscellaneous (Misc)
Here you are able to specify whether the activity is Planned, Recommended, Optional or Information. 

Indicated the Activity is included in the cost if the tour

Indicates something nice for clients to do during their free time

Indicates that the activity is available to the group, however, it is not compulsory. his generally specifies an additional charge for the activity.    

This can be used for any additional information on activities, sites, attractions or destinations that you would like to inform your client of.

Star ( Highlight )
Marking the activities with the star, you will be highlighting the specific activity. 

Within the Digital Itinerary, the Highlights will appear on both the Overview Page as well as the Destination Page. These allow you to attract your clients' attention to the highlights of the trip from the beginning. 

Note: Should you have added 10 activities or more to your planner on one specific day, you will notice that the standard 3 image display in your Digital Itinerary will be increased to display 6 images instead. 

Video Tutorial: Adding Activities to Your Itineraries

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