Additional Details: How can I send my Itinerary to my Client

Once you have created your itinerary, there are a couple of different ways of sharing it with your client. You can e-mail the itinerary directly from Wetu, or you can send a link to your itinerary from your preferred e-mail application. Alternatively, if your client uses Wetu's TravelKey App, you can send them a mobile code, so that they can access your itinerary on their mobile.

This article will explain the two methods of emailing itineraries, as well as how to generate a mobile code for cleints using TravelKey.

This functionality is available on all Operator packages

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Getting Started 
Email Itinerary Link Directly from Wetu System
Choosing an Email Template
Email Itinerary Link from External Email Application
Mobile Code

Getting Started 

In the Itinerary Browser, select the Personal or Sample Itinerary that you want to send to your client.

Navigate to Step 6 of the Itinerary Builder

Email Itinerary Link Directly from Wetu System

In Step 6: Additional Details, click Email Client Link button. This will enable you to send the current Itinerary directly to your clients from within Wetu.

The Email Client Itinerary Link window appears

Client emails(s) Compulsory field. If you entered an email address in the Itinerary Details step, that email address will automatically populate the email address field, but you can change the address here if needed. 

To send the itinerary via email to more than one person, separate the email addresses with a semi colon ( ; ) e.g.; 

From Email: From the drop-down menu, select the e-mail address that you want the client to reply to once they receive your Itinerary Link email. The dropdown contains the email address you entered in the Company Details of your Wetu account, as well as the Consultant e-mail address you entered associated with the user you are logged in as (refer to Identities tab in Admin).

Email Subject Line: Auto-generated. Change this if you would like to.

Email Template: There are 3 email templates that you can choose from the drop-down. Refer to the section below on email templates

Personalised Message: Enter a short personalised message for the client who will be receiving the email. The field contains a generic message that you can amend or completely replace before sending it to the client. 

Wet suggests: The ideal message length should be between 150-180 characters. However, there is no limit to the number of characters you can enter.

Send me a copy of this email: Tick this box if you would like to send a copy of your email to the email address specified under From Email

Select Send Email once complete, or click Not Now to cancel.

Choosing an Email Template

There are 3 different Email Templates that you can choose from when emailing an Itinerary to a client directly from the Wetu System.

Note: If you have not entered a Trip Summary, that section of the template will fall away on the Standard and Hero Email Template and will be replaced by 'About Us' on the Sidebar Email Template.  

Email Itinerary Link from External Email Application

You are able to send a link to the Itinerary to your clients using your preferred external email application, such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.

In the Additional Details Step, click on the Copy button which appears next to the Client Link field. This will Copy the Client Itinerary link to your clipboard.

Navigate to your e-mail application and either paste the link directly into the body of the e-mail or hyperlink it to a word/ phrase in the email. 

To hyperlink text in Gmail, shade the words in the e-mail that you want hyperlinked, and select the link icon. Then paste the Wetu Client Link into the link field that appears (ctrl+k and then ctrl+v on your keyboard).

Mobile Code

This functionality is only available on Enterprise Packages

Sending the Mobile Code to your clients will enable them to view the full itinerary on their mobile device using Wetu's TravelKey App.

In the Step 6: Additional Details, you will find the Mobile Code at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Note: In order for the Mobile Code to be generated, your Itinerary must have Travel Dates entered. The Travel Dates are added in the Step 2: Accommodation.   

Below are some useful links on how to download and use the TravelKey App on both Android and iOS devices.

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