Custom Content and Information

To be able to add your own Custom Content and Information, you have to be granted access.

Note: You need to be an Admin to use this function. 

In this article:
Creating a Custom Content Entry
Adding Content to your Custom Entry
Reviewing and Editing
Using Custom Content in the Itinerary Builder 
Custom Content in the Various Outputs

Creating a Custom Content Entry

Once you have been granted access, you will notice that on your Dashboard there is a new button Add Custom Content. 

Clicking on Add Custom Content will take you to your Custom Content Page. This will be where all of the content you create will be stored (if you had loaded information into the Map Manager in the past, it will appear here as well). 

Click on the Add Content and a pop-up window will appear. In this pop-up window, fill in the title of your Content. For example Greek Fisherman, Mr Andrew Kruger, Golfing in Cape Town, etc. Next, select from the drop-down menu the Type of information that you are entering. 

Information: General details that you would like to add, such as Golfing in Cape Town (not related to entry on the map)
Site / Attraction: Such as Kirstenbosch, Makagadikgadi Pans, etc.  
Activity: Such as a Meerkat Experience, Elephant Back Safari, etc.
Restaurant: Such a Moyo, The Boma, etc.
Area: Creating your own Destinations. Here is a guide on using these Destinations 
Infrastructure: Details for things like Airports, Harbours, Train Stations, etc.
Person: Details on people that are important in the itinerary, such as a Guide, Tour Leader, Chef, etc. (not related to entry on the map) 

If you choose a   Type that is related to an entry on the map - such as Restaurant, Attraction, Destination, etc - an additional option will open where you can type/paste in an address, existing map entry (Cape Grace, Moyo, City Grill, etc.) or the  GPS coordinates (in decimal format) of your entry and save the location on the map. The map will update showing the location you have entered. 

Once you have chosen a TypeCategory and Subcategory will become available to choose from as well. Select from the drop-down menu the options that apply to the content you are entering. 

With all the details filled in, you have created your Custom Entry and can choose to either

If you Save and Close, no content will be added to your new entry and you will be returned to your Custom Content Page. From here you are able to edit the details and add additional content. If you click on Save and Add Content, you will be taken to the Content Dashboard (more details below).

Adding content to your Custom Entry

You can navigated to the Content Dashboard from your Custom Content Page by clicking on Edit Content or you would have been redirected here by clicking on the above button to Save and Add Content. 

The Content Dashboard will vary slightly depending on the Type of Information you classified it as when you created the entry. For example, if you choose Restaurant as your Type, in the Content Dashboard, there will be an option to upload a Menu, Operating Hours and even Specials. 

Description & Short Description
You need to enter the main description of your Entry here. This needs to be in the third person and as accurate as possible. 

Images must be hi-res and landscape. Tell a story with the pictures which should represent all aspects of your entry.

  • A picture says 1000 words – tell stories with your images
  • Upload hi-res images (must be >500KB, preferably >3MB) – must be > 2MP 
  • Upload landscape images rather than portrait images – most screens are twice as wide as they are high
  • Get into the destination (destination = wildlife, beach, mountains, city etc) – this is mostly why people travel. Show what is special about this place or person

To add additional photos click on   Add New Picture and insert all relevant picture descriptions.  

Be sure you have permission to use the images and confirm by ticking the ' I confirm that we have permission to use these images' field underneath the Save icon.

Note: Landscape images display better than portrait. High resolution images that are close to 1MB are best and anything under 300KB will not look good on your client's full screen.

Navigate through the menus on the left-hand side of the Dashboard and include as much information as possible and SAVE!

Reviewing and Editing

The information you have entered will be saved to your Custom Content Page. You can make amendments to all your listings from here and see how they are rated. 

Adjust Details - This will allow you to edit your initial entry where you gave your entry a Name, Type, etc. 

Edit Content - Access the Content Dashboard where you can amend or add additional details about your Custom Content Entry

View on Map - Shows you where on the map you allocated your Custom Content Entry to

Using Custom Content in the Itinerary Builder 

In the Itinerary Builder in the Planner tab, you can call your custom content. 

Under Activity, start typing in the Name of your entry and you will see it appear in the drop-down menu. 

Select it and select the  Information radio button. Do this on all of the days where you would like to enter your Custom Content. You can also assign the Content the a Timeslot. 

Note: If your Custom Content is not showing, there is a link that says "Showing results within 300km of location. Click to show all results." - click it and your Custom Entry should show now. 

You can still enter other activities as you usually would. 

Custom Content in the Various Outputs

The information you entered will be displayed on the Virtual and Digital Itinerary on day you entered it under information. The clients can click on this and the content you entered will display. 

Virtual Itinerary:

Digital Itinerary:

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