Custom Content: How to Identify and Use Your Custom Content in Wetu

In this article, we will show you how to identify and use all of the custom content you have created in your account in your itineraries as well as what the client will see on the outputs that you share with them. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages upon request

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How to Identify and Use your Custom Content
Custom Content on Various Outputs

How to Identify your Custom Content

Now that you have successfully created your own custom content in your Wetu account, it is important for all consultants using your account to know what is your custom content and what content is Wetu provided so that you can ensure that the correct details display in all of your itineraries.

When looking for the content you have created in your account, you will need to search for the 'CC' icon that displays either before or after the name of the listing you have created. There are three main areas within Wetu where you can easily spot your custom content. 


From your Dashboard, you can navigate to Admin and then open your Suppliers tab. If you have already used your Custom Accommodation in an itinerary, it will automatically be listed among the other suppliers that you have used, however, if you have not used it in an itinerary or you have created a custom activity, you will need to use the Quick Add function to add it to your list manually. From this list, you are able to change your destination. All other options will divert you to the Update Form. 

Step 2: Accommodation 

When building an itinerary, in the Accommodation Step, you will be able to search for all of the custom accommodations that you have created and add those to the trips that you are planning by selecting the accommodation from the drop-down.

How do I add an Accommodation user guide will provide you with more details on how to set up your accommodation step.

Step 3: Planner

The Planner step is where you can add all of your exclusive or tailored experiences that you created in your account as custom content. For more information on How to Add an Activity, you can review the user guide.

In the event that you are reviewing an itinerary that has been created by one of your consultants in your account, you will be able to identify the custom experiences that have been added within the Planner.

Custom Content on Various Outputs

The information you entered will be displayed on the Virtual and Digital Itineraries on the day you entered it under information. The clients can click on this and the content you entered will display. There is no noticeable difference to one loaded by Wetu, except for the content you choose to load.  

Virtual Itinerary

Digital Itinerary

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